God wiped his tears. "Doesn’t this show that you are accurate in whipping?" If I don’t smoke, I will fall down. If I smoke, my archduke will come to collect the body. Meowed my poor life … "

Warm secretly biting lip meat to resist not spray smile.
Ji Shuang is a little puzzled at the moment, and the expression is weird and forbearing.
Yao Shu almost fainted. "You …"
"I what? I want to be at odds with you. "God is still provocative."
Yao Shu waved her whip again to draw it. At this moment, Yao Yushu dashed over and suddenly stopped "Sister, stop"
Yao Shu has been angry and red-eyed.
How dare Yao Yushu let her go so crazy again? She looked stern. "Sister, calm down!"
Yao Shu stared at the warmth and gnashed her teeth. "Calm down? How can I be calm when I am bullied like this? "
When has she ever been so wronged in this life?
Smell speech Ji Shuang got up and stared at her angrily with a cold face. "Bullying? Who is bullying who? Look at my sister-in-law’s arm. Look who bullied who … "
God came out and cried like a sky. "Come and see, the wicked first complained about whether there is any law in our tribe …"
Yao Shu’s hands are shaking with anger. "Jade Shu, listen to you …"
Yao Yushu secretly winked at her. If she has fallen into someone else’s trap, don’t get deeper and deeper. How should she end up?
Yao Shuru doesn’t know that she has always been proud, but even worse, she is right. She has a sullen face and a straight back like a peacock who ignores her sister’s hints.
Yao Yushu can turn around and end for her. She first looks at the warm people’s arms. There is no need to go near to check that the red is higher than the skin. It looks shocking. Her eyes are narrowed and she is cruel to herself. She can’t underestimate it.
She smiled sincerely and apologetically. "Miss Wen, right? I’m really sorry for my sister. She’s also a heart girl. I’ll make amends with you on behalf of my sister. "
Said the curtsy.
Warm and light smile Although this one is a sister, it is obvious that the position is much higher than that of her sister. Murder is defined by God, and the blink of an eye becomes a slapstick. Hehe, this gesture of making amends is also humble enough, as if she is warm and does not accept it, but it becomes unappreciative.
If you don’t move, you will turn against an army.
She’s not easy to bully. How can she be allowed to turn over?
"Miss, I can’t accept this gift."
Smell speech Yao Yushu tiny one zheng but I didn’t think she refused so directly "? Does Miss Wen think I’m not sincere enough? Or don’t you want to give me this opportunity? "
No matter what the reason is, the diaphragm should be warm and the mind is not open-minded.
Warm shook his head and looked serious. "I can’t accept this lady’s poor statement because you distorted the truth and wanted to make it small and trivial. I’m sorry I can’t. If I were a person, I was beaten by your sister. I might be able to accept my fate, but today I walked in here as a daughter-in-law of God, but she humiliated me again and again, and I endured it. But she even wanted to murder in front of so many people. This would be too arrogant. She didn’t have me in her eyes.
That last sentence can be called harsh words and looks.
Ji Shuang was startled.
I can’t see from the sky that the young lady is quite scary when she is fierce.
There are more and more people gathered around, and most of them have heard these words. They can’t help but feel the truth in their hearts. They all know that Yao Shu’s beating is a fact, and Ji Shuang’s shouting with one mouthful and one sister-in-law also proves his warm identity …
God’s daughter-in-law can fight?
Think about Ji Fenghua, the mother-in-law, and the three brothers, the theologians, who suddenly dare not think about going again. I’m afraid things will end badly today.
Yao Yushu was also uneasy and frowned. At that time, I couldn’t think of any countermeasures.
Yao Shu suddenly pointed to the warmth and said, "Don’t be alarmist. When did I humiliate you and how did I murder you?"
Warm eyes are sharp and aggressive. "Do you dare to say no? So many people are there watching me, and I’m stupid enough to wronged you? Did you forget what you said when Shuang and I came in? Do you need me to repeat it to everyone? "
Yao Shu bit her lip. "I, I was …"
"What is that? Don’t tell me that your Yao family taught me like that, but I heard from my mother-in-law that Uncle Yao is the most reasonable, gentle and kind, but I don’t want Miss Yao to make me blind. "
"There will be murder ha ha am I wrong? I don’t have martial arts, as anyone can see, but you whip me. If you save me, do I still have a life to sit here now? If this isn’t murder, is it possible to whip people at will in that tribe? Is it a fight to keep people alive? "