Beautiful eyebrows slightly wrinkled nose blunt Jiang Feng said, "we are still newcomers are not qualified to participate in this kind of battle."

Zhou Yuer said that there are obviously some dissatisfaction here.
Jiang Feng turned his head and found that there were still many guards in red armor in the city.
"I see. It’s a pity that you will be disappointed. Zhou Jiji is no match for the Dark Lord!"
Jiang Feng tone than silent not only have no feelings.
He knows the Dark Lord very well, and Zhou Jiji’s accomplishments in kendo are really difficult to win.
"What did you say! Miss won’t be defeated by the hateful demon barbarian! "
Girl smell speech immediately nu bulging stare Jiang Feng saw Jiang Feng dress immediately disdain waved.
"It’s just a chief of the clan. How can Miss Bai be terrible!"
Be despised by a girl Jiang Feng wry smile touched the nose simply don’t answer.
Turned to look at the fight ahead.
"bang! Bang! Hey! "
The struggle is fierce. Zhou Jiji, the dark Lord’s empty weapons are constantly intertwined and hit a series of flames.
Strong spiritual strength is constantly erupting.
I have to say that Zhou Jiji’s guards are very brave, waving swords and pouring blood on the barbarians.
Demon barbarians are by no means weak. They have killed many Terran fighters with their strong physical qualifications.
Both sides suffered heavy losses as soon as they arrived.
"Black fist!"
The Dark Lord shines at the moment, punches out with unparalleled spiritual strength.
Zhou Jiji was horrified but didn’t dare to neglect.
Figure a show like a bit of smoke or dodge not mercilessly got a punch "step! Step! Step! " I can’t help but take a few steps back
"Wow …"
One mouthful blood could not help spitting out from Zhou Jiji’s mouth.
"The sword leans to the sky!"
On the spot, she drank a sword and slashed it with strong power.
It’s like a storm, a flood, a horror ratio
"Hum! You want to kill me for this! ?”
Dark Lord disdain cold hum together at that time the black * * gas emerged from his fists towards the sword severely played in the past.
The sword in Zhou Jiji’s hand was broken on the spot due to fierce impact.
"what! ? You repaired and rose again! ?” It’s too late for Zhou Jiji to be horrified.
Dark Lord, hey, hey, a smile, and several punches all over the sky, hitting Zhou Jiji with overwhelming force.
"Ahem …"
Blood in the mouth even vomited and shot at the rear at the same time.
Zhou Yuer’s heart was in a hurry, and her beautiful eyes were filled with tears. Beat! " Keep falling to the ground
Without her, the rest of the people are eager to follow.
It’s a pity that Zhou Jiji died like this.
"Ha ha! Go to hell! "
A dagger with cold light towards Zhou Jiji chest * *
Zhou Jiji was surprised to close her eyes and didn’t think that she was defeated so easily.
When Zhou Jiji was about to die, her ears suddenly hit.
For a moment, the slender waist was stopped by a person’s embrace.
Doubt in her heart could not help but open her eyes and found a figure appeared in front of her.
It was when something bad happened that Jiang Feng came to the rescue.
It turns out that Zhou Jiji’s flying direction is the gate. Her blade master brother naturally won’t watch her die in vain.
"It’s you! ?”
Zhou Jiji also recognized Jiang Feng, but she was scolded by herself just now.
There was a hint of gratitude and anger in her eyes, and it was the first time that she was hugged by a man.
"If the building is enough, don’t hurry up!" Zhou Jiji rebuked a red cloud on her cheek.
Jiang Feng smiled and immediately let go of his arm.
She glared angrily and gritted her teeth and said, "Don’t hurry back here and give it to me!"
Jiang Feng stand stand hands a funny sample "to you! ? I’m afraid I’ll die in vain if I give it to you. "
"What did you say! ?”
Zhou Jiji was shocked that someone dared to talk to her like this, and then she was furious.
"I’ll guard the Sword King City, you chief clan chiefs, so go back and stay!"
She has been fighting abroad and just got back to Jianwangcheng today.
She naturally won’t know what Jiang Fengjian Wang Cheng has done, otherwise she won’t talk to Jiang Feng in this tone.
"It should be you!"
Jiang Feng immediately gave her a hand knife, and Zhou Jiji didn’t know what was actually exerted by Jiang Feng.