"Even if there is any problem, he should not keep it from us. If there is anything, he will definitely say it. After all, we are a family!" Wonderful surplus pie mouth said.

Hearing the word "family", Yueru and Jiang Lanyue both seem a little unnatural.
"It’s no use guessing. Let’s ask him together." Qing Xuan suggested.
"He’s meditating in the quiet room. He won’t be disturbed if he goes there now, will he?" Anya some worry tunnel.
"Excuse me, what are you afraid of? Can he still eat us?"
Miao Ying stood up and then said, "We are his wives. When he came back from practice, he ignored us and looked cold, as if we had committed some heinous crime. It was irritating to think about it and we had to ask him face to face!"
"Then ask." Anya nods.
It seems that it is better to have more people to go. Miaoying will draw the moon as well as Jiang Lanyue’s sisters, but as for Shine, she will follow without pulling.
All the female monks in this room went to the quiet room where Xiao Lingyu meditated.
"You … something?" Xiao Lingyu asked.
At the moment, Xiao Lingyu is still the same as Li Jia, so his expression is very light, and he has no tenderness in the face of this group of female monks.
Just now, everyone had a heated discussion, but before Xiao Lingyu, they didn’t know what to say.
Can’t ask, why are you not enthusiastic about us?
"They want to know, what’s wrong with you? You’re not as close to them as before." Jiang Lan petticoats is said.
When someone speaks, everyone has nothing to be embarrassed about. They all stare at Xiao Lingyu and seem to be waiting for an answer.
Xiao Lingyu was stupefied at first, then smiled and said, "Haha, I’ve been so busy lately that I neglected all of you."
As he spoke, Xiao Lingyu stood up and said, "Anyway, you shouldn’t rush the practice, because my husband will spend more time with you in the future. /-/-full text of advertisement "
Xiao Lingyu said, and pulled Miao Ying into her arms in front of everyone.
"Don’t forget our agreement."
In the soul, Xiao Lingyu warned Li Jia coldly.
"Rest assured, I have seen your memory. You three wives, I won’t move, but other women are all beautiful and have good qualifications …"
"They also forbid you to move!"
Before Shirley and say that finish, Xiao Lingyu firmly tunnel.
"Ha ha, in fact, I didn’t move. You know very well that this body has not been occupied by me. Although I can control it, it is still yours in essence. Even if I move them with your body, you are actually moving them, not me. This body is still yours, and all the enjoyment and feelings can only be felt by you, which has nothing to do with me. " Shirley and said with a smile.
Li Jia told the truth, but Xiao Lingyu still warned: "You can use my body to fight, but you must never use it to do anything to them. Otherwise, you know the consequences."
Li Jia replied, "Don’t scare me. Except for your three wives, these women seem to be interested in them, but it’s always inconvenient. I can help you."
Xiao Lingyu snorted: "You don’t need to help!"
Li Jia still insisted: "But I have always been very enthusiastic."
Xiao Lingyu said angrily, "Don’t you dare!"
Li Jia shrugged off the tunnel: "Of course I dare."
After letting Miao Ying go, Li Jia suddenly smiled at a room full of beautiful women and said, "Now that everyone is here, I will make some things clear. I want to take a few more rooms."
This sentence, directly to a room full of beautiful women all stunned, they never thought that this kind of words would come from Xiao Lingyu’s mouth so flatly.
Miao Ying, Qing Xuan and Anya all have complicated expressions. They are already Xiao Lingyu’s wives. Deep down, they naturally don’t want Xiao Lingyu to have more wives, but they don’t know how to protest. After all, they are not the same as each other.
"PianShi? Then what is your main room? " Jiang Lanshang asked curiously.
"Er … wrong, wrong, it should all be the main room." Folded and embarrassed scratched his head, and then said.
"You are very greedy. You already have three beautiful women, but you have to accept them again. I just don’t know what you want, and people are willing to be accepted." Jiang Lan petticoats didn’t good the spirit ground say.
"Anyway, there are already three, and it doesn’t hurt to have a few more."
Li Jia looked dismissive, and then said, "I don’t know whether I want to be accepted or not, but it’s better to always put things out and say it than to always keep it in my heart."
"How nice it is so early." If Jiang Lanshang refers to the tunnel.
"It’s not too late now, and you are not married."
As Li Jia spoke, she looked at Yueru and asked, "Would you like to be my wife?"
Xiao Lingyu wanted to stop it, but he couldn’t control his body. Even though he still had a clear consciousness, he was suppressed intensely.
Everyone thinks that something is wrong with Xiao Lingyu now, but they can’t see what is wrong, and Xiao Lingyu’s saying that he wants to take another wife has also diverted everyone’s attention.
"First you refused my confession, then you killed my husband, and now you ask me this …"
"Don’t be long-winded. If you want to, you will. If you don’t want to, you won’t. Give me a happy talk."
Before the month is over, Lijia has stopped talking, looking very impatient.
"I …"
Yueru hesitated and sneered, "You don’t even think I’m a widowed widow. What am I unwilling to do?"
Li Jia didn’t care about Yueru’s expression. He looked at Linger again and asked, "What about you?"
Linger frowned, but she didn’t think she was a part of it, but her expression was still very calm. "I just want to follow you forever. As for the way and identity, it’s not my concern."
The original shine has already died in the fix true world. Today, the consciousness and memory of shine are instilled in her by Xiao Lingyu. She has no infidelity to Xiao Lingyu, and she will not hesitate no matter what Xiao Lingyu asks her to do.
Just shine think, Xiao Lingyu has always regarded himself as a sister, would make such a request, which makes her very puzzled.
Lijia looked at Jiang Lanyue again and didn’t speak, but the meaning was obvious.
"My sister won’t stay with other women!" Before Jiang Lan yue spoke, Jiang Lan petticoats had already answered.
"So, you don’t want to?" Shirley asked Jiang Lan petticoats.
"Do you think I have any intention?" Their Jiang Lanshang turned over and simply answered.
"It’s a needle in a woman’s heart, but I don’t want to!" Folded and shake head to sigh a way.
"Nonsense, my sister may be willing, but I don’t have any affection for your heart breaker." Jiang Lanshang stared and said.
"Let’s start with you!"
Folded and suddenly step forward, one hand caught Jiang Lan petticoats on the shoulder.
"What are you doing?"
"That’s enough!"