There is no doubt that May 1997 is a great situation for the northern Republican government. The second army led by Wang Shizhen in Hubei has arrived in Wuhan, three towns, Anhui, and Zhang Huaizhi has conquered Hefei, which is about to attack Anqing. Duan Qirui has led the fourth division to conquer Yangzhou, Taizhou and Nantong, and Wu Fengling has also expanded its army in Shanxi. After a few months, it conquered most of Shanxi and personally led the second division Linfen to panic in Zhao Erxun. A mixed association made Zhao Erxun’s troops suffer heavy losses and was forced to withdraw from the southern part of Shanxi and retreat to Shaanxi.

At this time, there was also a slight change in the navy. Before that, many naval vessels led by Sa Zhenbing left Nanjing quietly and then went to the sea to announce that there was the Haiqi in the Republic.
In this way, the southern Federation in the direction of the two rivers is even more tragic!
Up to now, it may be difficult for Wang Shizhen in Hubei to make a breakthrough, but it is just around the corner for the first army of Duan Qirui to cross the Yangtze River in the southeast, which has suffered several fiasco.
However, this situation is very good, but it makes many people in China frown.
Wang Yingkai, the capital of Jurentang, frowned. "Is the Union Army in Nanjing and Zhenjiang really desperate?"
"If there is no big accident, they can’t hold on to the south of Jiangsu, and if they are short in January, they will be defeated in March!" Wang Zhanyuan also looks not very good.
"Zhang Huaizhi there? What is the situation in Anqing? " Wang Yingkai asked again
"Anqing now has about 20,000 defenders, and most of them are beaten by beaten soldiers. If the fifth division attacks, they will definitely not be able to stop it!" Wang Zhanyuan Road
"It seems that things have been out of control!" Wang Yingkai turned and looked at the map of China on the table. After thinking for a long time, he said, "Get ready for your seventh division!"
Wang Zhanyuan was slightly shocked when he listened. "Oh, is this going south?"
Wang Yingkai shook his head. "No, you go to Shandong!"
"I go to Shandong? In this case, Zhang Zhen is over there … "Wang Zhanyuan is worried that he doesn’t want to go to Shandong but Zhang Huaizhi territory. Although Zhang Huaizhi has now gone to Anhui to fight, all families know that Shandong is Zhang Huaizhi territory.
"Zhang Zhen is not worried that he is now in Anhui, and this Anhui has just been called. I can’t be left unattended. I will let him and Anhui commander-in-chief go to Shandong to station troops improperly!" Wang Yingkai said this.
Wang Zhanyuan is a wise man. One is to guess Wang Yingkai’s idea that Duan Qirui South is progressing too smoothly. This means that Duan Qirui will be south of Jiangsu and Anhui, and the Jiangnan area will be very long. By then, Duan Qirui will have two rivers and rely on the Jiangnan area to rapidly grow into the richest warlord in the country. But by then, Wang Yingkai and others will not be the confederacy but Duan Qirui.
Although Wang Yingkai hurried to Duan Qirui to go to Liangjiang, he didn’t think about letting Duan Qirui take advantage of Liangjiang smoothly. According to his idea, it should be Duan Qirui South and Duanfang. They should fight for a lose-lose, and then they will practice several divisions in the north and then clean up the mess in the south. At that time, Duan Qirui and Wang Shizhen will be accepted in one fell swoop, and then the southern federal provinces and bases will all fall with the wind. After the south has settled Duan Qirui and Wang Shizhen, he will send his main force to enter the outside and fight with Zhao Dongyun.
To defeat Zhao Dongyun in the end, then he can truly unify Beiyang and, by the way, unify China.
However, this strategic concept is in a dilemma because the southern federal forces are too scum. Now his newly expanded troops of Wang Yingkai have not been compiled into the 11th Division and the 12th Division until the end of the year, but now Duan Qirui is going to have two rivers in the south, which is not what he wants to see.
It’s good for Wang Yingkai to say that Zhang Huaizhi is also an Anhui governor, although it will enhance Zhang Huaizhi’s strength and influence, but it will also greatly weaken Duan Qirui’s strength.
To let Wang Zhanyuan go to Shandong is a military control, and Shandong can also guard against Duan Qirui. Suddenly Beishan Dongyu didn’t let Wang Zhanyuan take the post of Shandong viceroy. It was also to woo Zhang Huaizhi and Zhang Huaizhi. Although they took refuge in Wang Yingjie, they also had their own small plans. If they took Shandong completely, it is estimated that Zhang Huaizhi would turn against them!
Of course, it’s not enough for Wang Yingkai to do these things. He has to pull another person. Who? Zhao Dongyun!
"Hum, I don’t want Duan Qirui to be bigger, so does Zhao Dongyun!" Wang Yingkai knows very well that Zhao Dong Yun, like himself, wants to be the boss of Beiyang and unify Beiyang warlords. It is not in Zhao Dongyun’s interest to see any power surge.
It is not reliable to say that Duan Qirui will grow up and then attack Wang Yingkai with Zhao Dong and Yunnan in the north. Once Duan Qirui grows up with two rivers in his hand, he will be able to control the southern provinces such as Zhejiang, Fujian and even Guangdong. Duan Qirui will replace Wang Yingkai as the number one enemy of Zhao Dong Cloud. Then Zhao Dongyun will not fight Wang Yingkai with Duan Qirui, but kill Duan Qirui with Wang Yingkai first.
Real control of the southern provinces of the two rivers, whether it is the southern Federation or Duan Qirui, or anyone else will become the common enemy of Zhao Dong Cloud and Wang Yingkai.
"Send a newspaper to Shenyang and ask Yang what he means!" After Wang Yingkai waved his hand, he just let Wang Zhanyuan go out and look at the table again. Many provinces on the map of China are different in color, and it can be clearly seen that contemporary China has actually fallen apart. There are Zhao Dongyun in the northeast, Wang Yingkai in the area of Zhili Shandong, Wu Fengling in Shanxi, Zhao Erxun in Shaanxi, Hubei in Hunan, Zhang Dong in the two rivers, Tie Liang, Duan Qirui in Jiangbei, Zhang Huaizhi in Anhui, Wang Shizhen in Hubei and Henan, and Wang Ruxian in northern Henan.
Such a big China has a republic in the north and a federation in the south, and there are dozens of warlords with real size in their hands!
This is a chaotic time!
And looking at the chaos is bigger than the map, Wang Yingkai feels deeply impressed!
What is so difficult to unify!
Chapter two hundred and forty The situation in the two rivers
May in Shenyang has long been gone. In the cold winter and early spring, the warm wind from the south has brought warmth to this northern city for a long time.
Li Wan, who has changed her thin dress in early summer, looked at Zhao Dongyun with a smile on her face. At this time, Zhao Dongyun held her daughter in her arms for several months, revealing a rare smile on weekdays.
This kind of smile is different from Zhao Dongyun’s usual kind smile. Although this kind smile gives people a kind feeling, people will know that it is a professional smile after watching it more. You can feel the kindness from it, but you will know clearly that it is not his sincere smile because it belongs to politicians.
However, Zhao Dongyun’s smile now is a heartfelt smile, which belongs to his father!
Li Wan looked at Zhao Dong Yun’s fingers and teased his little daughter’s little hand just enough to grab his fingers and then grabbed them and giggled. Looking at these Li Wan herself, she smiled. When her daughter was born a few months ago, she let many people down, especially the old lady Zhao did not hide her disappointment at all. Although there was nothing on the surface, everyone could feel the disappointment.
At the end of the year, Fang Ruolian was finally pregnant after many years of pregnancy. The old lady of Zhao didn’t even look at Li Wan and her little daughter. Every day, the commander-in-chief prayed that God would let Fang Ruolian have a big fat baby to inherit her old Zhao family incense.
Good people don’t like her giving birth to this daughter, but Zhao Dongyun is not dissatisfied. On the contrary, he loves this little daughter very much, which makes Li Wan feel at ease.
When Li Wan daydreamed, she saw Li San coming in from the outside, which made Li Wan frown, because she knew that whenever Li San came to find Zhao Dongyun, it meant that Zhao Dongyun had to work again, and when Zhao Dongyun came to match their mother and daughter, it would be less of a rare day to accompany him, which would probably confuse Li San again.
See Li San go to Zhao Dong Cloud and say a few words. Then Zhao Dongyun comes with her daughter. "There are some things I have to deal with outside. I’ll come back later!"
Although Li Wan is a little dissatisfied with this situation, she also knows that this is not the time to brush up, so she squeezes out a smile, "Well, it’s important for you to go to work!"
After being out of the courtyard, Zhao Dong said, "You call Fang Biyong and the intelligence department An Yutong!"
Just now, Li San came in and told him that Wang Yingkai had sent himself a secret saying that the central government was terrible. The words Zhang Huaizhi, Anhui, Anhui, Anhui, and Zhang Huaizhi were enough for everyone to know that it was absolutely not that simple. Zhao Dongyun was almost immediately associated with Wang Yingkai’s intention to attack Duan Qirui.
Because everyone knows that Anhui is the governor of the northern Republican government under the jurisdiction of the two rivers patrol, the patrol system is actually not much different from that of the former Qing Dynasty. Because of the urgency, the governor system of the former Qing Dynasty has not been directly changed, but it has just changed its name. Simply put, the governor has been replaced by the governor, and even the administrative areas have continued the old practices of the former Qing Dynasty. For example, the patrol ambassador of the three eastern provinces is the governor of the former Qing Dynasty, the governor of the two rivers patrol ambassador, and the governor of Huguang patrol ambassador.