One bodyguard in front has waved to them again, and the other seems to have picked up the collar line equipment and notified them.

So dejected and despondent, I went to the door and just heard the voice of the Prime Minister.
"Is that little bunny coming and bringing it in?"
"Damn it, didn’t you say that your grandfather wanted to see me? Why is this boss here?"
"I don’t know. What should I do now? I feel definitely not good."
"Play it by ear"
Two people whispering that day, the performance of the Prime Minister was uncharacteristically ignored by suluo and suluo, and something was wrong.
In fact, suluo is very afraid to see a person in the Prime Minister’s crowd who was born in blazing with anger as if he could see your soul at a glance. The Prime Minister is that kind of person.
And being in a high position with that aura, whoever is close to him knows that chatting with him is in a panic. If suluo is willing to forget him by the Prime Minister, however,
Pushing the door and going in, I was dumbfounded. Both the Dean and the Prime Minister were inside, and there was an old man with a dozen kinds of gray hair and a weather-beaten face engraved with years, wrinkles, thin body and deep eyes. This should be Grandpa Knife.
"Grandpa is good, Prime Minister is good, Dean is good, haha." The knife is a bit at a loss.
Suluo hurriedly scratched his head with a ha ha.
"Ah, ha, ha, the Prime Minister and the Dean, why are you here? What a coincidence. This is Master Wang. Hello, hello, my name is suluo. I met you for the first time. Haha"
The scene was very embarrassing at one time. Keep making eye contact with the knife.
"What will your uncle do now?"
"I feel murderous."
"Nonsense. Remember to take care of each other later."
"Well, the young man is quite good. Sit down." Master Wang looked at suluo with a smile and then ordered his aunt to pour some tea.
The bosses looked at themselves Gherardini just don’t talk pills suluo and knife depressed fidgeting.
For a long time, the prime minister glanced at suluo and said
"It’s not a coincidence that I came to visit Wang. It’s no longer a few months before the anniversary of the victory of anti-fascism. Wang led a team to form a veteran. Even if Wang also played you, I’ll let Wang shout you together."
Mom, it’s not that Master Wang wants to see me, it’s that you want to see me.
"Ah, ha, ha, since you are discussing state affairs, let’s leave the state affairs alone."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ll come back later. I’ll treat you to a snack later. Bye."
The two stooges got up and tried to slip away.
"What’s the hurry?"
Sit like a good baby in an instant
It seems that it is another disaster to escape. Today, this battle is going to be settled after the autumn.
"You’ve been down a peg or two recently. You’re so famous that even Wang has heard of you."
Suluo and the knife giggled and scratched their heads without talking.
"Laugh and see if you two don’t sit still like that. Tell me about it yourself."
Suluo and the knife looked at each other and ordered a head.
"There’s no problem. Look at the knife. A top rich second generation doesn’t show off wealth, doesn’t race cars, doesn’t support actresses, and usually loves to help grandma cross the street. I think it’s a model among the rich second generation."