Wenleisha knew that Marianne was trying to destroy her and gave her the deepest blow, but Duke burst into tears uncontrollably at the thought of turning to ashes.

"Duke! Bless me for killing her-"
"Hey hey!" Marianne still didn’t move, overlooking the worm, staring at the sharp arrow that condensed the strength of Wenleisha’s department and shot at her.
And then … there is no then.
As always, the flame easily burned the whole arrow.
"End it!" Lightly lift the index finger of the left hand and form an elegant arc with the arm. Marianne is so enchanting even with such a light finger, and a huge fireball is formed at the fingertips.
Seeing that a huge fireball will shoot out in one second, it will blow Vanessa to ashes.
Just then Marianne suddenly felt the wind behind her head.
Who? Alexstrasza?
Suddenly, I looked back and saw that I was forcing the queen. Obviously, the direction of the queen’s eyes was …
Behind me?
Marianne successfully launched the "Devil Soul" power.
It’s a pity that she made the same mistake as some stupid orc warlock.
The evil flame that seems to be surging and gorgeous is easily punctured like soap bubbles.
A brick made of ice emerged from the illusion and was snapped with a round arm and a thunderous clap.
Marianne’s own magic shield happened.
At the same moment, an energy that is not strong but like a needle like a mans arcane easily punctured her shield.
Finally …
"pa!" one
Deep red blood dripped from his forehead and quickly stained Marianne’s enchanting face.
"Hey hey! Law ye again strong turn mow down "a plank brick stun Marianne also humming outsiders don’t understand words who is that guy?
Naturally, it’s us Duke.
That trademark evil smile, that conspiracy, is more successful than the face that needs beating. Wenleisha can recognize it even if it turns to ash.
"Duke! ?”
The first sound is queen, and the second is naturally Vanessa.
"Well," Duke replied to Vanessa with a smile and cleaned up Marianne. "It’s unlucky to kill my sister!"
So Duke installed Mary with the "Magic Breaker’s Chains", which was obtained from Quel ‘Salas. It mainly destroyed the magic circuit of human body. For ordinary people, this thing is no different from ordinary chains. For mages, it is enough to turn a high-ranking mage into a weak woman.
It’s really a shame for a gentleman not to be tied up in a tortoise shell, but there are two important ladies, Duke, who seriously handcuffed Marianne.
"Duke?" WenLeiSha even threw a bow and came up in disbelief.
"Well, what’s the matter?"
"Duke! ?” WenLeiSha tone and strengthen a few minutes.
"…" Duke winked. "Didn’t your elder sister tell you that I would mirror things?"
Duke continued to talk nonsense about mirror image, a ghost. He really couldn’t bear to be killed by the death wing. Looking at the 9 soul power and 9% moral integrity in the system, Duke was crying in his heart.
But Wen Leisha is worried that she can continue to punch her face and make her fat.
"Duke? Is it really you? "
Looking at the blurred eyes, tears for you Wenleisha Duke knows that things are not that simple
Duke sighed, "I really don’t believe you touch it."
"Duke-"From consternation to surprise to ecstatic cry, when all the grievances and fears in her heart were poured out, Wenleisha finally did something that not only Duke thought but also herself thought.
Wenleisha threw Duke to the ground with a swoop and then closed her eyes and kissed him heavily.
"Boo hoo!" to be continued
Chapter 51 Liberation (Subscription)
There is a taboo in the world.
Although an old autumn mountain crashed and said that it was definitely Duke’s dream for sisters to spend money, Duke, on the other hand, a good young man in the new era told himself several times-wash and sleep.
At first, Duke really didn’t have any special feelings for Wenleisha. At best, he thought all three sisters in Windrunner were beautiful!
Life is always full of accidents, a rescue accident hit Wenleisha’s heart, and some things just happen naturally.
It is a happy thing to be kissed by a beautiful woman who likes herself.
Don’t expect Duke to be a saint when he loses his moral integrity. Duke just stared in amazement for less than half a second and then shamefully followed.
The owner of Jiangnan Leather Factory ran away with his aunt, so I … Ahem!
Duke’s stiff arm gently passed through the bright silver wire with one hand to hold the back of Wenleisha’s head, while the other hand put his arm around her well-trained waist.
At that moment, Du Kexi felt Wenleisha’s body stiff, and then not only from her face, but also from the peaks, waist, abdomen and thighs that she clung to, all felt a significant warming.
Kiss move but didn’t stop a * * * * * * dead leaned over with someone Lickitung intertwined.
With a heavy snort and a light whisper, things seem to slide at a high speed in a wonderful direction.
It’s a pity that their passion was interrupted before they were lit.
That’s an ancient dragon aspects growling …