Wang LAN

It turned out to be Wang Lan!
Xu narrowed his eyes.
Xu has long felt that Wang Lan is not ordinary, and now Wang Lan really confirms his idea that Wang Lan is not ordinary.
Xu is not a little old man’s opponent. How can Wang Lan resist the little old man’s offensive if he has a congenital mid-level state on the surface?
Either Wang Lan has never been an ordinary person; Either he’s not really Wang Lan.
There are so many kinds of Yi techniques in Jianghu that it is really possible for some people to make Yi into Wang Lan, but the question is who he really is.
Why does he want to play Wang Lan and save Xu?
People know that
The little old man’s dark eyes seemed to have a look of fear, because he didn’t believe that anyone could withstand his offensive, and he didn’t believe that his peak blow was easily broken by one person.
This palm holding his wrist is like a firm iron clamp, which makes him unable to move at all.
Wang Lanxiao looked at the little old man and said, "Do you think you are wrong? You said that we will lose. Who will lose now? "
Wang Lan’s "unpredictability" is completely beyond the imagination of the little old man.
The black fog in the little old man’s eyes seemed to roll and surge, and he seemed to think about the possibility of escape route. But at this moment, the little old man’s mouth suddenly opened wide and he couldn’t say a word. He didn’t have to talk anymore because he had already said it.
The little old man’s hand is still in Wang Lan’s hand, but the little old man’s head has been physically separated.
A bloody knife was thrown aside by Wang Lan.
"If this thoughtful puppet zombie continues to live, it will be a big disaster for Wulin. Now that I’ve caught him, it’s simply a matter of saving a lot of trouble if I can’t give him a chance to escape and kill him directly."
Xu stared at Wang Lan’s eyes with deep doubts and shock.
He wondered who Wang Lan really was and was shocked that Wang Lan simply decided.
You know, there have been many things that Wang Lan said in history. Many people can kill their opponents because of too much nonsense and give them too much breathing space, so that they have the ability or opportunity to reverse the situation. Wang Lan would never do such a stupid thing.
Since I’m going to kill you, I’ll just kill you without talking so much nonsense.
The little old man is really dead.
People around opened their mouths again.
The ups and downs of life are really too exciting, so exciting that people can hardly slow down.
Xu looked at Wang Landao in surprise. "Are you not Wang Lan?"
Wang Lan looked at Xu and laughed. "Who am I if I’m not Wang Lan?"
Xu said, "If you are Wang Lan, how can you be relegated to a primary institution?"
Wang Lan laughed. "I just entered the junior organization because I want to see you."
Xu said, "Look at me? See what I do? "
Wang Lan said with a smile, "A friend told me that he accepted a very good apprentice’s office and I just wanted to see you."
"Friends? Apprentice? "
Xu suddenly eyes a bright way "that mysterious swordsman is your friend? The one who taught me to walk with the sword? "
Wang Lan smiled slightly "mysterious swordsman? It’s an interesting nickname … but he seems to have said that he taught you to walk with the sword and say goodbye, not to say that if I’ve seen enough, I’m finished with a worry and I’m leaving. "
When Wang Lan said he wanted the little old man to die, the little old man really died
When Wang Lan said she was leaving, she actually left directly.
Wang Lan didn’t say goodbye to Xu, but she just disappeared from Xu’s sight.
Even now, I still look stupid.
Wang Lan is just a friend of the mysterious swordsman. Is it necessary for Zhou Zhang to visit him?
Besides, Wang Lan came to see me and left him alone. What’s the matter if you don’t settle your worries?
What on earth did this Wang Lan come to see me for?
He said he was coming to see his friend’s apprentice, but it must not be that simple and it can’t be that simple.
But even if you know that things are not simple, you really don’t know what the truth is.
The only thing Xu can do now is to accept this sudden victory and bear the favor of saving his life.
Xu shouted at the same stupidly Baishan elders and others, "What are you still doing? Hurry up and harvest the battlefield?"
All this is to react roar loud and kill into the battlefield.
At the moment, there is Zhang Yin here in the three magic religions. One person is dead with Nuchihar and the little old man is dead. After the little old man is dead, it is really a one-sided trend to persuade puppet zombies to be manipulated and fight.
The number of people killed by the three demons in flight is even more unknown.
The Wulin side won a great victory.
Xu’s performance was outstanding.
This is really a lucky day for my fellow Wulin in Bohai and Shanghai, because the Wulin in Bohai and Shanghai was almost taken by the three magic religions.
Xu’s arrival has given them a new life, and Xu Hengshan’s status as the head of the martial arts has also been strengthened.
Of course, it is not important for Xu to complete the assignment of primary institutions, but to complete the sixth main line
The sixth main line can become more powerful by giving rewards through limiting the system.
After the battle, Xu immediately borrowed a room from the elders of Baishan to break through in the name of rest.
"Congratulations to the host for completing the sixth main line!"
"Reward experience is worth two million"
"Reward loading force index 200 points"
"Reward the second hidden prop in Qiwulin Prop Mall"
"Congratulations on the host upgrade"
"Host Xu"
"Excellent Grade Three"
"Experience 31671/4"
"Limit 15"
"Loading force index 2"
"prodigal index 3"
"Wulin Index 39"
"Congratulations to the host for upgrading the third hidden item in the limited item mall"
"Congratulations to the host for getting the third hidden prop in the limited prop mall-water control"
"Congratulations to the host for getting the second hidden prop of Wulin Mall-Tonghe Dafa"
Xu’s eyes are getting brighter and brighter. "Buy water control."
"It takes 200,000 experience points to buy water control. Is it confirmed by the host?"
"Congratulations to the host for learning to control water. You can control water with your mind."