He is Lu Changyuan, a sword Sect, Yuan Ying, a true gentleman who is bent on getting rid of demons and defending Tao. Will he fall into the devil?

"No … impossible …"
Xiao Jing’s face didn’t change. "By the way, you won’t blame me for falling into the magic, will you?"
"What?" Lu Changyuan is puzzled.
Two people’s eyes are still familiar with each other, but they can’t communicate.
Xiao Jing smiled and hit the nail on the head. "The more you break your love, the more dangerous it is to suppress your lust, the more you are disturbed by demons and deceive yourself."
Admit it, it’s reasonable that his duplicity has long been against heaven and that he has been tortured by himself.
"Liu Changyuan, you have a desire for me."
This sentence is like a thunder ringing in the ear. Liu Changyuan’s face suddenly changed, and in his indifferent eyes, he was as humble as a dirty ant.
The moment the magic gas broke out, and it was cold in the secret room.
At this time, Lu Changyuan felt unprecedented panic and asked in his heart, "am I really so cool?"
He wasn’t killed by Xiao Jing or bewitched by the magic baby, but …
He is impure, indifferent and eager for lust?
Cold old man was silent for a while and slowly said, "Is it so important or not?"
However, his evasive attitude just affirmed the answer.
At this moment, Lu Changyuan’s qi and blood surged, and the sword core was possessed by magic gas, which could almost collapse while cracks were everywhere.
All of a sudden, the magic gas is rolling from the nine secluded places, which seems to have spanned thousands of years. Once released, it will wreak havoc on the earth.
It happened that the magic gas was escaped by the law imprisonment method, and it became more and more manic and shrill, sweeping through the secret room, and even the thick chains were left on the wall
My feet pulled Xiao Jing down on the bed and raised my hand to cover my face. In front of me, it was dark and there was no trace of Liu Changyuan.
Not good!
My heart felt uneasy. Xiao Jing’s eyelids jumped and I just wanted to sit up, but I was lifted by a strong wind and lay on my back on the neckline of the bed, revealing a large white chest.
The magic gas turns into a snake, which rages in the secret room from time to time. Xiao Jing’s limbs are lingering like lovers, but cold and profound.
"Host, run!"
Xiao Jing’s teeth were entangled in the magic gas as soon as he raised his chest.
"Ah …" Xiao Jing gave a quick call and looked up. At present, it was still dark, but he knew that there was a beast gaining momentum.
The magic gas suddenly stopped and turned into a huge long snake, which wrapped the bed man round and round.
Xiao Jing was ashamed and wet, and her eyes were flushed.
In the dark, a pair of latosolic red eyes kept a close eye on the prey, generate, who was so possessive that he seemed to imprint his soul.
Cover the man in the dark and smile at this flower.
"Ahhh …"
Gradually Xiao Jing resisted lighter, and his mouth also sounded good.
The man is so happy that he can’t wait to give his heart to him personally.
Suddenly his heart ached suddenly!
Wait for a while bowed his head and plunged a sword into his chest, which was deeply painful.
Liu Changyuan coughed up a mouthful of blood and his body gradually appeared. "You … just …"
Xiao Jing eyes slightly cold corners of the mouth flush irony "get out! Otherwise, I will stab deeper. "
Xiao Jing’s eyes are wide open with a smile, but his eyes are like ice, cool thin.
"Teacher younger brother, do you really hate me so much?" Lu Changyuan’s heart ached at every word he said, and his red eyes seemed to have a mist of tears.
Xiao Jing deadpans coldly, "You are disgusting!"
Lu Changyuan was stiff, even if he was prepared, but every time he heard his cold words, it was difficult to calm down.
"Teacher younger brother, you don’t say that …"
Liu Changyuan begged for an almost humble tone and hoped that men would be lenient with him. "Teacher younger brother, please, I beg you, don’t say that again …"
"Please …"
His heart hurts so much that he can hardly breathe.
Xiao Jing Nunu mouth just wanted to refuse a few drops of warm water dripping on his face.
This …
What is it?
"Teacher younger brother, I have thousands of mistakes. I can change them if I change them. Don’t be disappointed and indifferent to me …"
"I … teacher younger brother I was wrong …"
Lu Changyuan cried.
Yuan Zhenjun was tough all his life. He didn’t cry when he was young. Practice was very bitter. He didn’t cry when he was injured. Even Xiao Jing didn’t cry when he died.
Now in Xiao Jing’s indifference, in the fear of losing his heart, he struggled to maintain his pride and collapsed
After Xiao Jing jumped off the cliff, he was asleep day and night. Lu Changyuan had great perseverance and told himself over and over again that if he could wake up, the two of them would be able to renew their frontier.