Huang Tiandi sepulchral way

"But this … this should be a secret confession?" ? Common duct fibrillation
"I personally explained this matter, and immediately searched the city."
Huang Tiandi solemnity way? "It’s your master!"
Manager hurriedly brought life rushed over.
Soon the whole crape myrtle city lit up with a bright light, and a piece of powerful law emerged like a chessboard, covering the whole city so densely that even a fly could not fly out. The whole city was filled with a more depressing atmosphere, and several monks rushed out of all directions to search for it. In addition, there were dragon boats flying out of the dragon boat, and there was a huge mirror that shot bright light in all directions and was shot by it.
Sweep away and suddenly the sky becomes clearer than the land.
Nothing in the world seems to escape these net searches! ? Xiao Yu’s busy body immediately rushed out and turned to a dilapidated inn in front of him. His busy body finally met with a flash of light. Xiao Yu’s face flashed with the mysterious jade bottle in his hand. "Life preparation Sansheng Sanjie Sanctuary can make monks thoroughly remould themselves and expand their genes. Sansheng Sanctuary is a treasure that many ancient ancestors are hard to get. Every time a bottle of life preparation is refined, 100,000 ancient beasts need to be slaughtered.
… what an exaggeration. Is this thing really that powerful? "
He knows everything from Zhou Tai’s mind.
Although this bottle of life reagent is not large, if you get the three sacred feet for ten big cities!
It’s crazy to think about it, and it also makes Xiao Yu interested in what’s in this bottle.
He scanned the checkerboard pattern in the dense, and suddenly his body flashed a few golden colors and rushed outside the city.
It’s okay for these checkerboard patterns to block others, but for him, no matter how powerful the patterns are, they are all useless. He has to go out of the city directly and try this bottle of life preparation himself!
Xiao Yu’s body seems to be completely attributed to the dust, without a spark. In the shuttle, the mirrors keep shooting, but it is difficult to find his figure. Soon he rushed out directly from Chengtou.
Chapter two thousand three hundred and thirty-three Ancestors in four days.
Several golden because rushed out from here immediately after the mid-round, Xiao Yu’s body was reorganized, and his hidden breath went directly into the ground.
Hey! ?
In a flash, his body rushed into the ground for many miles and didn’t stop until he had met a speech.
He raised his hand and put a strong pattern here to block his own breath.
After all, Xiao Yucai sat cross-legged and took out the bottle of life preparation without hesitation and pulled out the jade bottle cap directly.
Boom pause
From this jade bottle, a fiery breath rushed out, and the horrible and unpredictable burning made the magma here boil directly. Before Xiao Yu, he bared his teeth and turned into a huge figure of terror. There were nine heads in the dragon body and the phoenix head had ten claws, and immediately after forming, he descended on Xiao Yu and leaned out with the claws to try to crack his body. "
Hum! "Xiao
Yu cold hum a sonic shock and directly shatter the horrible figure into a light spot to dissipate the middle hand.
In the jade bottle, there are pieces of blazing light, vitality and terror coming out from the inside, and there are faint waves of hissing sounds. It seems that there are 100,000 behemoths trapped inside, struggling wildly, and the essence rushes out again to form a nine-headed monster, which screams at Xiao Yu.
Yu eyebrows a wrinkly for the robot blame physics all ignore directly pour the jade bottle liquid into the mouth.
Golden liquid is like fairy gold, which contains unimaginable terrorist power.
As soon as this liquid enters Xiao Yu’s mouth, it suddenly seems to have turned into a huge river, and it has taken the initiative to rush toward Xiao Yu’s body and spread to the limbs.
After some essence dispersed, the situation changed again, as if Xiao Yu, a horrible brute beast, had been trampled wildly in his flesh and blood, rushing to tear Xiao Yu’s body at random.
Xiao Yu’s body is a huge prison, and these pretty beasts are trapped for a while, and the horrible roar of the beast is unpredictable, and it is constantly emitting from Xiao Yu’s body.
Xiao Yu’s body surface directly rushed out of the dazzling light, and a terrible essence emanated from his flesh and blood, sweeping across the world and making this magma explode.
There is a strong array pattern, and it is still difficult to trap this essence. The essence rushes out of Xiao Yu’s head and converges into a ferocious monster. The monster was actually two before.
Xiao Yu’s face became more ferocious than before, and he felt that his whole body was burning violently, like a dried-up body being transformed into a body. The gene chain gave off a sound of collapse, and he was reborn in the reconstruction collapse in the destruction.
Roar up, sound and shock, the whole underground world vibrates and collapses, and several magma rushes towards the soil layer.
It’s almost as if his array pattern was directly destroyed.
"Causal wheel refining for me!" desolate
Yu baohou
? Behind him, a golden light wheel turns wildly and refines other life preparations. At the same time, several causal lines rush out, which directly breaks down the monster above his head and drags its body towards Xiao Yu.
The monster burst into a low roar, and Xiao Yu, with ten claws, waved wildly and splashed out harsh flames, but it was hard to resist Xiao Yu.
Unwilling to roar was abruptly pulled back to Xiao Yu’s body by several causal lines.
Xiao Yu’s body suddenly burst into flames like a huge sacred furnace with mysterious runes. He shuttled back and forth in his flesh and blood, and every inch of his flesh was strengthened and nourished like never before. The gene became more horrible and stronger, and the whole body was covered with a horrible light.
A strong terror Xiao Yu body ups and downs like a vast Wang Yang broke out him.
Repair again to rise up the whole.
A human body seems to be interspersed with several angry dragons, and it seems that thousands of gods are beating with a sledgehammer.
I don’t know how long this process lasted.
Xiao Yu has been sitting in this way, trying to refine the life preparation when he is in the body.
Slowly through these days, the mountains outside shook from time to time and small earthquakes broke out again and again.
Many foreign monks were shocked by this movement, and after a search, they found nothing.
Shake is more than ten days passed.
Xiao Yuli refining body that life preparation was finally completely absorbed by his flesh and blood.
On this day, he was wrapped in golden light, and his body suddenly shook, and the terror broke out. As soon as the array pattern around him exploded, it was shattered by a golden smell, and the mountains outside were directly blown away.
This movement is too big, and it will disturb tens of thousands of monks around.
"That area again!"
"Is there a treasure to be born when the mountains collapse?"
Many monks rushed towards here.
Xiao Yushen’s golden light slowly converges and rushes toward the body, and suddenly the heavens and the earth are all manifested in his mind in all directions.
The corners of heaven and earth can’t hide from his eyes!