Like Min Jing, high-end women in fashion, entertainment, charity and media attract much attention. They talk about moonlight spa, aurora in Iceland, health preservation and maintenance …

I can’t get a word in except for eating.
In the cold master’s instigation to add fuel to the flames, the wedding son who was interrupted by Lengxiao’s birthday party came out again.
Min Jing shyly responded to Lengxiao’s cold face and remained silent all the time.
And Bao Qi is very entangled.
She was so humbled by this meal!
"Xiao qi usually have a holiday where to play? Swiss skiing? Greece sees the seaside scenery or goes to the glacier to explore? "
Buried in bitter eating treasure and purity, I was almost choked by the words of this’ future aunt’
Miss her? I just want to say that she has no knowledge …
However, she was not ashamed to grow up barefoot in the village.
It’s also a shame to lose your family, not her.
"Sorry I haven’t been anywhere."
"Well, I’ll take you to Hawaii for a holiday when you finish the college entrance examination, okay?"
Ya entered the second aunt state so soon?
Bao Qi put chopsticks and touched her belly with a smile. It’s quite faceless to smile. "Hawaii, I don’t want to hear about the recent American hurricane. I don’t want to be a children’s pig’s foot in a disaster film … swept away by the wind and didn’t even recognize the body …"
No one can understand anything except Lengxiao.
Then she glanced at the heavy-faced man and got up and went out of the restaurant.
I didn’t expect her to be so direct. She pulled the corners of her mouth and found a step.
"Xiaoqi’s personality is very interesting!"
Treasure jade unnatural smile "small Jing you don’t mind this girl so eccentric …"
"No, no, no, no children." Smiling and shaking his head, Min Jing glanced at the crowd with a soft face and said, "By the way, the police later asked me to interrogate the waitress with apple juice, not to mention that she really looks like Xiaoqi …"
"What?" Treasure inlaid jade to draw a gasp.
She licked her lips and smiled gracefully and said, "Hehe, don’t be nervous. It’s just a bit like it … when it’s not true!"
Miss Min’s eyes are dark and cold. The owl’s eyes are always cold and sharper than the blade. The sound is cold and frightening. "It’s better to be cautious, don’t you think?"
The atmosphere was immediately low, and his momentum was too cold and aggressive.
"… sorry" lift lift lip MinJing eyes flashing.
Glancing at her coldly, Lengxiao didn’t speak again, and the second one left the table after Baoqi.
The rest looked at each other.
Treasure inlaid jade mood ups and downs and cold master eyes dark and dark.
At night, the cold house was silent.
After a day, Baoqi finally couldn’t hold back!
It is rare for Lengxiao to stay at home for a day without a chance to talk to him. She scratched her heart and lungs.
After sneaking around and knocking on the door twice, he ignored her, so she just turned over from the windowsill of her room.
Nai, the distance between the windowsills of the two rooms is too far, and it’s hard to climb over …
His window is tight!
Looking at the dark sky with her head tilted at 45 degrees, she looked sad. Her hands climbed on the windowsill and her feet trembled.
Amitabha, don’t fall short, but before he could conquer, he was dead!
Holding her voice, she whispered, "Uncle, help …"
Uncle Owl was lying on the soft couch by the window watching, and suddenly he came out of the window and shouted, which startled him.
He was so shocked that he couldn’t wait to strangle this little thing.
Third floor!
Little darlings are really fat!
Holding hands around his waist, he carefully carried her from the windowsill.
Gee …
His soft body fell into his arms and he breathed a long breath.
His hands were tight and his arms were tight. He was so strong that he almost broke her waist.