"Giggling is really funny. Are you here to seek asylum, or are you humans afraid that the Seven Demons will start a war together?" The queen guessed directly.

God bless replied, "that’s what I mean, but isn’t it good to get human support?" Besides, we will take the initiative to wage war, and the first crusade is the lust Lord. "
The arrogant queen looked at God bless in surprise. "How dare you take the initiative to start a war and lust is the first one? Do you know that lust is not weak, but people are not so good? You want to kill him with that wretched look! And stole a lot of my knights. Damn it! "
"Then it’s good that we just tidy up his queen’s temple and watch it." God bless suggested.
"No, I have to watch?"
"Even so, can you face his inferno?" The queen asked again.
"I have said that all the way to the Queen’s Hall of the Devil should be white." God bless the Queen to dispel doubts
"Interesting. I’ll just look at how humans like you struggle. Anyway, they are just human beings. Even my own troops can levy you!"
"Not the kui is an arrogant queen," God bless thought.
"Then the agreement is a queen’s position. I’ll come back after our target lust is dealt with."
The queen has guessed the meaning of God bless. "If you can really defeat lust, I will promise to help you teach others a lesson. Besides lust and gluttony, these people will die! These dirty guys are tired of looking at them. "
God bless the face without changing color. "Thank you so much!"
The queen looked at God bless and continued, "But you need to be tested by the king."
God bless "as you wish"
The arrogant queen "come with me"
Hou Tianyou followed the arrogant queen to a place similar to the arena. "This is the King Arena. You have lived here for three games. I can help you and promise you a small request."
"Really? Then I’m white! Then. "
"If you die and waste all human beings, do you think clearly?" The queen asked God bless seriously and smiled slightly. "People will pay whatever they want. It’s just a few battles. If we can get back the arrogant queen friendship, I think it’s worth it. Don’t say that three games is seven games!"
The queen smiled at the words of God bless and felt that she had touched the queen. "Look at me, I can get rid of the arrogant queen with a few words!" I like myself! "
God bless still immersed in her fantasy. The arrogant queen laughed, "Since you said that seven games are not a problem, then seven games are good. The male Han has said his words and the king has also said his words! Then human beings! "
God bless "never brag again!"
God bless came to a gate opposite the center of the arena. "Is there an inferno monster inside? Come on, I am ready! "
Pride queen knights activate the arena barrier to prevent the leakage of combat power
The arrogant queen said to a female knight, "Call Kailili."
The female knight got up and excused herself from the Queen’s command to call Kailili.
Here, the entrance to the arena is followed by a dull sound from the door.
A huge figure appeared in front of God bless the inferno. Ai Meng behemoth’s green skin leaked out of his mouth. Two big, long fangs were holding huge stone sticks.
"Oh!" Ai Meng beast waved his huge stone stick and called head-on toward God bless.
"alas! Stupid! " God bless the beast with a punch "touch" and then the stone stick in the monster’s hand was shattered. God bless the beast’s head with a heavy punch. God bless the beast’s head and hit it to pieces. Then look at the children and watch the game. God bless the arrogant queen’s "game" and shouted.
After nodding to the female knight, the arrogant queen asked Kai Lili, who was kneeling respectfully beside her, "Is he the one who blocked you many times?"
Kailili knelt down and said respectfully, "Yes, Dian is very unwilling, but I lost to this man many times!" "
"oh! Interesting! If he doesn’t make it through this trial, I’ll give him to you for whatever you want, but if he does, hehe, it’s really exciting! "
The queen stared at the fact that God bless had hit the second monster, a soul-devouring demon, followed by a tauren demon, and the fourth was a efreet God bless. After the pressure was over, these were all dregs for themselves, followed by the fifth phantom demon.
Phantom Magic Man, as its name implies, will make Phantom and powerful dark magic have normal physical attack effects.
God bless has fought against the Phantom Devil, and a virtual shadow has come to God bless’s side. "Let the Phantom Speed Up?"
"Diamond meteor fist!" "Bang bang bang"
The phantom escaped the meteor boxing and then almost turned into a phantom. God bless the naked eye, but the magic fluctuation induction God bless can still feel it.
Then God bless felt a magic wave suddenly stabbing from behind, and God bless hastily created an ice shield to resist the attack. As a result, suddenly a phantom appeared in front of his eyes, which turned out to be a fake avatar, and there was no real harm. At this time, God bless realized, "Shit is bait!"