He also deeply realized that as long as he always wins in his own team and does not score the right goals, even his economic income is guaranteed. Enterprises in China and people in China will keep coming in contact with themselves because of their constant success, trying to add more China elements to Lazio.

Lotito is not a conservative. He doesn’t care about letting China invade Lazio in a big way, which is a serious betrayal in the eyes of extreme fans. As long as there is money to earn, what club traditions and political positions are all bullshit!
He likes China and China people very much now, and he doesn’t discriminate against them at all.
He even intends to hold China’s thigh tightly, thinking that he will bring more benefits to himself in the future.
Trust in Changsheng made him start to implement Changsheng’s suggestions without hesitation. That is to put all the money into rebuilding the club.
First, renovate the training ground, re-cultivate the turf, update the training facilities, increase the floor heating for the training ground, and improve the drainage system of the training ground … The players of the first team concentrate on one piece of turf for training, and other sods begin to be renovated and rested in turn.
The entire Lazio club’s training base, Vermelot, has become a busy construction site.
Construction vehicles, trucks and other construction machinery shuttle in and out.
Busy every day, although a little noisy, but full of vitality and vitality, which means a bright future for Lazio.
Before the debt was paid off, the Vermelot training base was mortgaged to the Italian national tax department.
At that time, Lotito didn’t even want to maintain the training ground or anything. Because the maintenance is only likely to be cheaper for the tax department.
So he simply let the team use it.
Lazio can still win three league titles, one UEFA Cup and the Champions League in such a lousy training ground, and people have to admire their ever-victorious leadership ability …
At the same time, when the club rebuilds the echelon, it is necessary to consider the long-term success.
That is to find a suitable youth training supervisor for the echelon.
In the current Lazio team, there is no youth training director.
Because there is no youth training camp, what does the youth training director need to do?
At that time, in the layoffs after Lotito took office, the youth training director and the youth training coach were basically fired.
Now Changsheng wants to find a supervisor for the newly-built youth training camp.
Of course, it is impossible for him to find someone from his first-team coaching lineup to be part-time or in charge.
Originally, after Guardiola left, there were fewer first-team coaches, and he had to be in charge of youth training, which was simply not enough.
So you always have to find someone else.
As for the candidate, Changsheng has a clear idea.
This man is the coach of Inter Milan, and he is known as the best Italian youth coach Andrea Stramaccioni.
Stramaccioni’s career as a player began in Rome, but he didn’t succeed in Rome. Later, he retired early because of a serious knee injury in Bologna and became a coach at the age of 24.
He has coached many amateur youth teams.
At the age of 25, he led a youth team in Rome, AZ _ SPORT, to win the provincial championship, and then worked in Romulea until 2005, during which he led the team’s youth team to win the Italian under-17 amateur league championship.
In 2003, he obtained the certificate of young coach.
He became the coach of the Rome youth team in 2005, and in 2007, he led the team to win the Italian professional league championship under the age of 17.
If Chang Sheng doesn’t look for him, but lets him continue to develop. He should also win the Italian professional league title under the age of 18 in 2010 and the Beppe_Viola Cup title under the age of 18 in the same year.
Then he was poached to Inter Milan in 2011. In 2012, he led the Inter Milan under-19 youth team and won the first European under-19 Champions League.
As the head coach of youth training, he is very capable of leading the team.
However, he did not realize his long-cherished wish in Rome, that is, to become the director of the youth training camp.
Because in Rome, the director of youth training is Alberto Derossi, the head coach of the youth team under the age of 19, that is, Derossi’s father.
Old Derossi has a solid position in Rome.
Later, because Enrique became the head coach of Rome, Enrique brought his own clique in Spain. Stramaccioni was not valued, and he was finally sought after by Inter Milan for two months.
When Ranieri was dismissed by Inter Milan, Stramaccioni became the first-team coach for the first time, and made great strides. At that time, Moratti’s decision surprised many people. No one thought that a giant like Inter Milan would choose a young man who had never worked in the first team before. At that time, Stramaccioni was only thirty-six! And he has also become the youngest team coach in Serie A history-of course, it is impossible now. Now Changsheng has set a record that is almost impossible to be broken at the age of 32.
As a result, Stramaccioni took office despite people’s doubts, and his performance was fairly good, which proved his coaching ability and made Inter Milan willing to renew his contract for two years.
In fact, his experience is somewhat similar to that of Changsheng. They all started from the youth training camp, and then left the original club for some reasons and proved themselves in other clubs. All of them were suddenly pushed to the position of first-team head coach by the situation without first-team work experience. It’s just that he’s not as successful as Chang Sheng. After all, people always win through, and there are plug-ins, and it’s no use being unsuccessful …
However, he and Chang Sheng still have a lot in common, so when Chang Sheng said he was looking for the director of youth training, he was the first person who came to mind.
Although he lacks a first-team coach now, Chang Sheng thinks youth training is more important.
Lazio wants to develop continuously and maintain a high level, and the youth training must keep up.
You can’t go far by always buying and selling people. By 2013, his precognition will be useless …
Although Stramaccioni is the coach of the Roma Club, Changsheng thinks this is not a problem.
Everyone is an adult and should have a plan for their career prospects. How to do the best for yourself, I believe Stramaccioni should be clear in his heart …
Moreover, with his understanding of Stramaccioni’s later events, Changsheng thinks that Stramaccioni is not the kind of foolish and loyal person. He also has his own ideals and principles.
So the hatred between Rome and Lazio can’t be an obstacle for him to come to Lazio!
Chapter 20 Mulberry harvested in the lost east corner
André Stramaccioni, who works in Rome, was killed. I didn’t expect a phone call from Lazio to look for him.
As a member of the club of Rome, he thinks that Lazio and them should be two worlds in completely different planes.
Especially in recent years, Lazio has performed strongly and achieved outstanding results. The Romans had to practice ignoring Dafa to the top.