Su Lu evaded Lin Qing’s attack and the cashier shield stood in the wind. "My master naturally helped me!" Picking things is the insinuation of the person who fixes the truth. Lin Qing has no master, but she has a master as her patron.

Does this guy still stare at me?
Lin Qing said that she was the one who was abandoned, and that she should be more upset.
Before the horizontal sword, she is firm in her eyes. If she is blindly attached to it, she will lose it. It is difficult to compare others and narrow in her heart.
It is her belief to keep surpassing herself when she looks at herself now!
Chapter 191 While
Su Lu saw that Lin Qing seemed to be moving in her heart, but she didn’t believe that she could really let go.
Hum, Lin Qing, today I’ll show you what I’ve learned over the years to make this one your generation’s demons!
Instantly, wisps of silk flew out of her wide sleeves, and these silks came at Lin Qing in five colors like a snake. Lin Qing’s sword lifted purple winds and purple cyclones around the blade collided like silk, and silks were bounced and followed by her fists, palms and palms, and the wind swept away in an attempt to entangle them. The silk thread was scattered and disturbed.
In her figure, one of them turned over and stepped on a few silk threads, and attacked Su Lu like a step.
Su Lu’s reaction is also very fast, and he flies swiftly and flashes with another hand. A recruit silk thread instantly condenses into a rope, and the only stone pole that puts a photo stone on one side of the ring borrows power to avoid Lin Qing’s attack in a thrilling way.
With this fulcrum, Su Lu is like a duck to water, grabbing the silk thread with one hand and accurately aiming at Lin Qing’s pay-off.
At once, the white shadow in the ring whirled with her cascading skirts, long waist hair and colorful silk threads, dancing in the wind was just like a fairy, and the Taiwanese monks were fascinated.
Lin Qing wants to shout for help in the entanglement of filaments! I really want to cut that stone pole with a sword, but it seems that this public property can’t be damaged by her.
Su wisp of thin thread flexibly condenses into several strands of rope and sweeps Lin Qing. Lin Qing feels that she is a fancy skipping rope. While avoiding it, she thinks that Su wisp of silk does not know where it comes from. She just tried the fire spirit to burn and even cut Jin Jian constantly.
Ling Si is not broken. Su Lu’s mouth is proud. "Master granted me silk thread. Can NINEONE Nianling silkworm vomit anything!"
Lin Qing didn’t want to talk to her at all, thinking, why don’t you burn the green flame or take out the ear sword and cut it?
I haven’t decided yet, and Su Lu’s silk has come to her palm again.
Lin Qing’s conditioned reflex was inspired by this contact. Her eyelids moved for a moment and she smiled.
In the face of the continuous attack on the silk rope, her figure was moving and the silk rope was all caught.
Su Lu stupidly, Lin Qing’s lips gently sipped luck. Before Su Lu could recover, he slammed the wire rope, and Su Lu fell headlong and landed on his face!
After eating all over the floor, I reacted and hated her for forgetting that Lin Qing was a Hercules!
Lin Qing flew towards her with an easy lift. Why didn’t she think of what it was like to jump in front of it?
Su Lu saw this tug-of-war, and she was sure to lose. Quickly and decisively, she took out a special scissors to cut the silk quickly.
Seeing that Lin Qing’s hands and feet can’t be entangled, she quickly adjusted her strategy. All over the sky, filaments flew out like cobwebs and trapped two people in a red charm and a black charm at the same time.
"Oh, my God, it turns out that Fu Lingfeng has a unique charm of increasing and eliminating." An eagle-eyed monk recognized and shouted.
The increment symbol can instantly enhance two layers of spiritual power, and the elimination symbol can instantly suppress spiritual power, but both of them can’t maintain a breath and are harmful to human body.
Avoid it!
Lin Qing was caught by the four-sided filaments. Although she picked the filaments, she was hit by the elimination symbol.
Suddenly, the body was like lead, as if all spiritual forces were pulled out, as if they were pulled into the dark water by several hands.
Su Lu took the opportunity to fly forward in an attempt to give a fatal blow …
Yan Yuan, a real person, got up when he saw it, but was held by the elder Jin beside him, "Trust her."
And fix true person’s eyes are also moving and loose. Su Lu is not willing to kill Lin Qing.
Qian jun yi fa
Seeing Su Lu’s front thread pointing at her mouthpiece, Lin Qing clenched the tip of her tongue and the spiritual force was pressed, so she poured her strength into the golden sword and projected it toward her.
The golden sword struck hard and the attack was blocked. Su Lu turned over and evaded the opportunity to shoot another silk rope.
Although Su Lu was killed, Lin Qing’s waist was still entangled.
This time, Su Lu stopped trying to drag Lin Qing, but simply drank "wring!"
The waist silk thread suddenly tightened as if to wring people.
Laugh indifferently. Lin Qing’s heart is late! My psychic powers have been restored!
Pat yourself with the red symbol of increasing yuan, and keep reading the formula, but the more you read it, the more scared you are. She has read the third weight of polyester formula. This Lin Qing has not only not been hanged, but also has not broken her skin. She can hang a bear in the second weight!
This guy’s waist is so resistant to twisting. Is it true that King Kong is not bad?
"Can there be a chance?" Lin Qing’s eyes sparkled with green flame.
Su Luxin disdains that "the strength of her eternal spirit is not comparable to that of a bug!" However, for a moment, she was more startled than
Ling silk is actually empty in the green flame.
Su Lu was shocked and pale. She clenched her teeth and hated to see Lin Qing take the sword and hit her. When she raised her hand, she flew out a ofuda.
"Ah, it’s an invisibility symbol!" One person in the crowd exclaimed.
"Is this invisible symbol in a fight?" One question way
There is an admirer, Ma Lu, who answered, "Naturally, Su Shimei is a natural assistant to Fu Lingfeng."
"It’s so unfair to pool Lin."
"Lin Shimei is also in trouble!"
Lin Qing is really what this younger brother calls "something". Since the stealth operator doesn’t foul, why don’t she try it? In order to cover for "Xing", she also prepared several invisibility symbols.
Lin Qing disappeared almost at the same time after Su Lu disappeared.
Therefore, the strangest situation in this ranking war appeared: the invisible man in the ring has a silk rope flying out of the invisible man from time to time, and there are silk ropes flying across, and there are boxing waves flowing. In the dogfight, there are also various kinds of hurtful and non-fatal symbols bombing back and forth.
After repeated bombing, it is not complete than the platform. The referee’s face turned black and roared, "Destroy the scene again and both of you will get out!"
Two people can choose to appear tacitly.
As soon as he appeared on the stage, the audience froze
Just now, I saw a lot of FuLingFeng ofuda being detonated. It is reasonable to say that Sister Lin will get a little hurt, but now Lin Qing has not changed much. On the contrary, Su Lu is much more dusty than before, and her chest is covered with several layers of blood.
Su Lu secretly hates outsiders who seem to come and go. It’s all her throwing. This Lin Qing is quite cunning, not only physically strong, but also very agile. It’s like knowing where she is. She flew out of her place and fed her. Lin Qingji didn’t get caught, but she got a few palms. She hates it! What is Lin Qing’s chance these years? So strong, she had to move her master. Really.
Sue wisp of dark hate at the same time, Lin Qing was so annoyed that she couldn’t wait and see. How many defensive magic weapons did the fix true man give Sue wisp? What order vestments did she wear? She hit several times and hurt her roots. If these devices were used, she would have … The bigger the snow, the thicker it was, and the sky was getting dark unconsciously.
Su Lu bowed her head and took a long breath, then her face looked up calmly. Her hands were lightly gathering her fingers in a lotus state, and her eyes were lightly raised. In the dancing, she slowly rose half like a fairy.
Behind her, such as umbrellas and green leaves, green vines are intertwined, and lotus flowers are psychedelic, red-violet is like fire, and Lan Lian is like a dream …
When everything was quiet, everyone held their breath.
Lin Qing’s eyes are set! Fix true person that set of achievement method!
Chapter 192 Virtual color offshore operation
More than four people couldn’t help staring straight at this beautiful scene in amazement.
Beauty smells like Yu Lian … I haven’t finished sighing.
As soon as Dong Dong saw a handle, Jin Jianfei shot away and shot Su Lu, who was in the middle of the game.