After she finished the course, she benefited from the teaching of the old magic stick for so many years. The only thing she learned was that there were yin and yang techniques in the east and west.

She keeps a lot of things in her mind.
After listening to her finish, Qing Moyan looked at her.
"What else?"
Ru Xiaonan shook his little head. "You can’t be impatient. You have to remember everything I said before."
"You said that?" Blue ink Yan Yang raised her eyebrows. "Isn’t that what I remember?"
RuXiaoNan almost bit his tongue.
"You … I’ll see if you’re right before you repeat it."
Blue ink yan disdain again.
Actually, word for word.
RuXiaoNan completely stay away.
Shao Qing’s adult, you are a schoolmaster. You can remember it once you listen to it … If my grandfather is still alive, he will definitely be excited and can’t sleep for days and nights.
If he can really control other people’s insects, he will definitely become the most powerful teacher of Yin and Yang.
Ru Xiaonan taught the technique of Yin and Yang in the room every night for ten days, and it passed quickly.
This evening, it was another day of poisoning, but he didn’t leave her as usual.
"I want to try my own strength." Qing Moyan was unusually calm
Ru Xiaodong taught him the chastity mantra, and he has become very skilled, but how powerful it is will be known in the actual transportation.
RuXiaoNan pursed her lips. She was actually more nervous than he was.
"You don’t stay away if I fail …" Green ink yan looked at her.
Ru Xiaonan smiled brightly. "Don’t worry, I’m always here."
Blue ink Yan responded and looked out the window at the sunset.
He has no doubt that if he needs him, his little things will pounce on him at any time to help him.
However, there are some things he has to face by himself. If he can’t get rid of the King of Body Method, then he has to overcome it and control it.
Let it have its place
Chapter 267 A word is not on the bus
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RuXiaoNan fearful looking at the sunset outside the window.
The light in the room dimmed.
Blue ink Yan breathing suddenly aggravated Ru Xiao Nan’s heart followed up, and the body was very conscious and made a jump.
Green ink Yan absorbed in the gesture she taught him and closed her eyes and did not move.
Is it done?
RuXiaoNan really wanted to ask him, so he didn’t talk, and she didn’t dare to speak first for fear of disturbing him.
Blue ink Yan sideburns soon saw the sweat.
One minute passes by.
Ru Xiaonan can’t wait, but she can’t lean over without a mouth.
Finally, Qing Mo Yan gently exhaled with his eyes open.