When I said this, my face was red and my face was holy and radiant, as if I were going to learn from the great cause of bombing bunkers in Dong Rui!

Jane has a decisive fork.
"What do you want? Didn’t you say two years? Still young! "
"Not small!"
Er Ya is quite upright, and her chest looks like a little hill.
Jane shook her head and looked at Su Yuting’s back in front and nodded.
"See your wife? Wait until you have that big time! "
Er ya is a little depressed. It seems that the lady is much taller than herself. She is afraid that she will have to wait for two years, and she is suddenly discouraged, but she is somewhat unwilling.
"I don’t want to pass the door today!"
"Don’t listen to your wife’s nonsense about going through the door. When I said I wanted to have a lively joke, just joke. If you leave, your wife should come and clean you up!"
In the front hall, the table was full of chicken, duck, fish and other things, but there were no two vegetables, which made Jane feel bored and her stomach churned.
My hometown dad knows that big fish and big meat are good things, and there is no common sense of eating nutritious meals with vegetarian dishes. Jane still admires Yang Yi’s family for not cooking much, cooking exquisite vegetarian dishes and eating refreshing.
Er Ya and San Huan came to the table, which surprised Jane. She looked at Jane. How did the thief accept these two girls? They didn’t say anything. They hesitated for a while and finally didn’t speak. Instead, they immediately called a girl and gave a low charge.
Su Yuting ate a typical meal, chewed slowly and behaved moderately. I wonder if she had specially studied before she got married.
Er Ya eats very carefully, holding her breath and looking nervous.
The third ring road is even more unbearable. It’s not easy to pick up a dish and fall to the table.
It’s a shame or a big family, girl
Transfer the dissatisfaction to Su Yuting and stare at her for several times with great meaning.
Su Yuting was dissatisfied with a bright face and her mother-in-law said this, and her feet quietly moved to Jane’s upper and secretly gritted her teeth.
Jane took a deep breath and endured it.
"In the future, everything in Zhuang will be handled by you!" Jane gold and silver mouth wiped her mouth.
"Save your children!"
Jane Gold and Silver nodded with satisfaction. How can this son look pleasing to the eye now?
"If there is something wrong, tell Lao Wu that he has looked after Zhuang from the inside out for decades and is much more familiar than you."
Jane nodded a little in agreement.
After a while, I said some things, which was the official conclusion of the handover between the old and the new. The leaders of the older generation talked to the leaders of the new generation, and it was officially completed at this dinner table.
After the break-up, my mother quietly took Er Ya and San Huan and stuffed each person with a big red envelope rather than two small boxes.
On the third ring road, I was impatient and surprised.
Everyone looked into the box and saw that it was a woman who was triumphant in playing the third ring of gold and had no idea that she had just been promoted to the level of Mrs.
"Look at you!" Simple discussion
Er Ya was too lazy, but Jane looked at it and it turned out to be a bronze lock!
"How did that happen? Is this mother favoring one over the other? " Jane is busy. "Don’t worry, don’t worry. The box may be organic. If you look carefully, there must be a hairpin!" "
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Chapter 59 Winter
Er ya’s face is smiling and she looks very satisfied.
This is not willing to suffer in front of the Third Ring Road. This expression is not confused!
She didn’t speak and looked at it, still triumphant, with a triumphant expression. Sanhuan was very proud and moved forward.
Both girls are walking in high spirits, and they are not as usual. They look so dignified and outrageous, but the Third Ring Road won’t last for a while, and then they will return to their original shape and reply to the little girl.
Su Yuting and Jane walked behind.
"It’s really favoritism. It’s a domestic girl after all!"
Su Yuting looked at Er Ya’s back and smiled inexplicably at Jane.
"Yes, I’ll make up a hairpin for Er Ya later!"
"Officer person is playing dumb!"
Su Yuting looked at him strangely.
"I mean, Er Ya gets more benefits than San Huan!"
One gold makes one copper. That’s the opposite! Jane touched Su Yuting’s forehead. It didn’t look like a fever!