"I don’t have to cut off his hand," said Hideki Watanabe, smiling and seemingly inadvertently stepping on the paparazzi’s face. "Unless you date me tonight, I have already made a reservation at Lanting Restaurant, okay?"

Naiyue Sakurai said without hesitation, "I won’t go."
Watanabe Hideki said "What"
Sakurai Naiyue threw a word and turned away. "I told you so many years ago that I wouldn’t marry you."
"No one can ever refuse me Sakurai Naiyue. The more you refuse me, the more I will finish levying you." Hideki Watanabe’s ferocious face flashed by. He put his stomach anger on his feet and rubbed the paparazzi’s face to feel much more comfortable. Then he said, "Get out and never let me see you in Japan, otherwise it will not be as simple as rubbing your skin."
"Yes, yes, thank you, Master Watanabe." The paparazzi, who was granted amnesty, did not care to crawl away with blood all over his face, fearing that he would slow down again. What would happen to this seemingly warm-hearted and malicious Watanabe Hideki?
Just at Watanabe Hideki was so annoyed that he suddenly glanced at the gazebo in front of him. It seemed that there was a familiar figure. When the man turned around, his eyebrows were long and his ears were long, and he was "good."
Hideki Watanabe asked himself that he had a super memory. If he met an important person, he would never forget it, but this person had an impression for a while, but it was not easy to recall it.
The man’s eyes rested on leaving Sakurai Naiyue, and when Naiyue went away, he actually followed him without delay.
"Naiyue was followed by someone around her. I remembered that he was" Hideki Watanabe almost cried out as soon as he remembered it. "He is the bronze man looking for the portrait of the Taoist priest in Tianyi. No wonder I can’t remember it at the moment."
"I didn’t expect it. I didn’t expect him to finally appear. This is really what China people say."
Hideki Watanabe is also far behind Taoist Tianyi. He has received extremely strict tracking and anti-tracking training since he was a child. He asked himself that he did not show hostility. He just hung far away from Taoist Tianyi and kept his vision.
Although he was careful, the Taoist priest didn’t seem to consider that he would be followed. His mind was in Sakurai Naiyue’s body for 20 years, but he dared to follow far away and didn’t dare to recognize him, and he didn’t know what to say.
So the three of them walked out of the campus of Tokyo University at a strange distance. Naiyue Sakurai obviously didn’t plan to eat in the school. After she left the school, she didn’t have a car to go on, as if she were going somewhere.
She turned a street and went to a noodle restaurant in China. She seemed to know the owner of the noodle restaurant very well. She said "as usual" and then went to a window seat. Taoist Tian and Hideki Watanabe didn’t follow her. Both of them kept a safe distance.
While taking this opportunity, Hideki Watanabe took out a message to inform his father that there was already one more person before he could dial.
"Young man, you’ve been being original for a long time. What can I do for you?" Tianyi Taoist said that his pronunciation and grammar were all right, but it was a little stiff. It seemed that he hadn’t said it for a long time. When he saw him from Hideki Watanabe, he felt a fire suddenly burning up. He didn’t care too much at that time, but he didn’t expect that the young man would walk a street with him out of college. Could he be sure of the truth?
"Why do you stay with a girl when you are a monk?" Hideki Watanabe found herself exposed but didn’t panic. When she turned her head, she bit back and said, "She was my friend since childhood."
"Oh, you are her friend," said the Taoist priest with a kind face. "It’s abrupt to be original, but there is no malice in being original following her."
Chapter one hundred and seventy Story discrepancy
"I can’t believe you without malice," said Hideki Watanabe, seeing that the Taoist priest had believed his words. "What’s the purpose of following a girl quietly like this?"
In Watanabe Hideki’s heart, he has become interested in the bronze man, Taoist Tianyi and Naiyue Sakurai. He has a hunch that these three people must have a very amazing secret, and this secret will be very valuable to him.
Tian Yitian looked lovingly at Sakurai Naiyue and said, "I want to see her. She really looks like her mother, but her temper is not the same at all. Her mother is gentle and virtuous." He said in a low voice, apparently for himself.
Hideki Watanabe twisted her fingers and asked, "Look at her. What are you?"
As soon as the old road quickly tidies up his temperament and lifts his feet, he will leave. "You have asked too many questions, young man."
"Wait, if I’m not mistaken, you’re a Taoist." Hideki Watanabe blurted out when he saw that he was leaving. "Is it right?"
At the first day, the old man slowly stopped his steps and looked back at Watanabe Hideki with a strange expression. "You know, it’s not."
When Hideki Watanabe saw that she was wrong, she said with confidence, "I know a lot, not only that, but also that someone has been looking for you."
It’s a man with a bronze mask.
Tianyi Road’s face became ugly, and his hand touched his chest involuntarily, as if something was hidden there, saying "bronze mask"
"Yes, it’s the bronze man. If you want to know more, come with me to a place."
"Good, but being original has a better way."
Tianyi Lao Dao’s left foot took a big step forward, and his left hand collapsed like an arrow and grabbed Watanabe Hideki’s eyes. The latter was surprised. He didn’t expect this old hand to sneak attack. He knew that he was definitely not an opponent. He crossed his arms to protect the front door and stepped back quickly, but this was in vain. Lao Dao’s left hand collapsed and punched across a mysterious arc, and his five fingers were full of blood and blood. "Bang", one turned into one, and the iron blue eagle claw quickly went around Watanabe Hideki and grabbed his neck.
Hideki Watanabe was so caught that his strength seemed to be drained, but although he was surprised, he said, "What does it mean to bully the small?"
As soon as the old man walked, he walked quickly like catching a chicken. "Being original means that if you go to another place, maybe you will tell more truth."
On this side, Hideki Watanabe just died, and on the other side, he was taken away. The world is so interesting.
In prison, Qu Yong suddenly heard a gentle and virtuous woman claiming to be Gong Qing, and this woman knew everything about Longhutang. Just from his footwork, he could see that he had learned from these Qu Yong and came to a conclusion that this woman was probably Gong Qing, his wife who had been missing for twenty years.
"You are Gong Qing"
"You are Tianyi’s apprentice, of course he will tell you about me." She was obviously not surprised that Qu Yong had heard this name.
Qu Yong said, "Actually, I’m not a Taoist disciple, but he didn’t formally accept me."
"Oh," she said, "that’s a complicated study. If you were his apprentice, you might be a Taoist now."
Qu Yong repeated again, "You just said that you are Gong Qing." He didn’t expect that he was met by himself in such a strange place after searching for a wife for so many years.
She continued to comb her head and said, "I am Gong Qing and my destiny wife."
"What?" QuYong heard him wrong. He blurted out, "Whose wife did you just say?"
"How is the destiny?" QuYong seemed to be stung by a scorpion and suddenly trembled. He stammered, "So what are you, Naiyue Sakurai? She is."
"You know Naiyue" until now, her words and feelings have fluctuated for the first time. When she heard the news of her daughter, she had some ways to restrain herself from combing her hair and hesitated for a moment before waving again and again. "Have you seen her? She is now twenty-three. What school did she go to?"
"She’s the second daughter of Sakurai Key, the second person in the Yamaguchi group." Qu Yong said by combining the news she saw with her own eyes, "She doesn’t seem to like the present life very much. The next time I saw her, she was fleeing."