The slowness is comparable to the sloth’s peristalsis, which makes Liu Sunseeker have a foot to kick him away.

"Oh, I don’t dislike you. On the contrary, I also found the best famous doctor in Beijing to treat you, otherwise I have a way to come in." Ye Ze was livid, but his voice became more gentle.
Next to the retired cure too much, his legs were shaking. Look at this man’s chest and arms bitten by crocodiles like that. He was scared to death. I didn’t expect that he could have such a wound, and the woman inside was so pale. Ah, it’s really a knife. Now it’s really great to be a teenager
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 527. Are you lying?
Liu Xi gritted her teeth at night, but she just put on a look of fear. "Good, come and welcome: efefd."
Night ze sneer at a "since the beauty kind invitation"
His slender fingers touched the door, and suddenly his brow wrinkled. He let go and his palm was black.
Pass the hand to cure too much to help him detoxify, and the corners of his mouth evoke a cold smile. "It seems that I underestimated you and I can’t get in if I hide drugs at the door?"
At this time, Mock climbed back from the window gloomily. "Cao, we are surrounded."
When I heard it outside, Ye Ze couldn’t help sneering, "I’m worried that someone will disturb your rest later, won’t you blame me?"
Liu Sunseeker was so angry that his silver fangs bit his face in the evening, but he smiled and said, "Where do I thank you?" Ten generations of ancestors bah.
"You didn’t scold me in your stomach, did you? But if I didn’t bring a gift, you wouldn’t scold me if you read it." Yeze laughed and sounded particularly hostile
Liu Xi is like a cat on hot bricks. Keep the gift for yourself, asshole.
Then, then, she motioned for Mock to cut the floor. Hehehe, it’s great that the floor is wood.
While Mock was squatting on the ground to cut the board, Liu Xiyu said coyly, "Great, I like presents best. Please invite Master Ye to come in for tea."
Night ze sneer at a kick the door.
Sure enough, I saw Liu Xixi sitting upright on the bed table at night. I don’t know how to put it in front of the bed. She sat on the bed and drank tea. In fact, it was to block the back of the bed and cut the floor lewdly, Mock.
"Where did that child go?" Ye Ze saw the cat’s ears and tail thrown in a reverie and confusion, and I couldn’t help but get angry for no reason.
Liu Xixi said at night, "That’s my cat. Now he’s a cat. Don’t bother us to catch up."
Go and lie to the ghost. Look at sitting on the bed and lying. Liu Xi can’t help but admire this girl deeply at night. It’s really more and more interesting. He is really glad that he didn’t come to kill her that day, otherwise it would be a pity.
I couldn’t help but feel a soft "Come here" when I think of her tricky nights.
"No, you come here. I’m a patient." Say that finish, Liu Sunseeker pretended to look at Ye Ze with tenderness, as if he were coquetry to him.
Knowing that she did it on purpose, she was still sweet. He smiled faintly. "Your little machines can really stand me."
"Yes, we usually get to know each other a little more until it explodes." Liu Sunseeker smiled innocently and pouted impatiently. "You’d better come here."
Yezawa eyed this room suspiciously. This room is very simple. It is simply visible. I really can’t see anything worse than just poisoning.
However, Liu Xixi just said that he has seen the technique, that is, putting dozens of poisons in different places for one person to touch one or several, but when he touches all those poisons, he will die immediately. This is the most terrible thing.
Is it gas?
Yeze’s face changed suddenly, and he really took a step back greatly. His eyes stared at Liu Sunseeker in a complicated way and wanted to see if this girl was being mysterious.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 52 Hiding a cat
It’s just a mystery. Mok can poison the door, which is the best killer. They are fleeing. A lot of things have been lost and they still have a bag of poison. It’s a snicker.
Generally, you drink tea with a straight face and whip Mock in your heart at night. You are as quick as an old fox who has lived for a hundred years. If it weren’t for his suspicious nature, even this tea kung fu could not fool him.
When he reacts, it’s all over.
At this time, Ye Ze suddenly strode towards her and sneered, "Peony flowers are also romantic when they die, so I have sinned."
Wow, this bitch knows so quickly!
Sunseeker night want to also don’t want to suddenly shouted at the window "Bai Mo is now! !”