The full moon and the string were just about to move when they were stopped by nineteen. The hot nun was surprised but still giggling. "I just woke up so numb that I didn’t even catch such a little guy."

Say that finish hot nun 1 and looked at the 19th.
19 face no expression light answer "it’s life and death overall situation and ~ I’ve heard of it several times, it’s some fate to let it leave life and death."
Hot fairy is still smiling. "Tian Yue’s sister in Mingsha Mountain has a bodhisattva heart!" Nineteen lifted up his eyes and looked into the distance, revealing a wry smile on his mouth. It was a little light. "The immortal master’s life is saved, but the path of repairing truth is gone!" A dry and hoarse voice with unspeakable resentment answered 19 words: "These thieves are all suicidal!" Several fights woke up, their eyes were dark and wrinkled, and their old faces could not say how excited they were. Mr. Rust also opened his eyes and opened his mouth to say something, but he finally sighed. At this moment, contrary to rust, the red pot was opening its mouth wide and taking a cold breath. "What’s going on here!" Behind it, a thousand monsters stood in a daze, with no meaning in their eyes. The fluctuations were so dull. Looking at the monsters roaring and rushing from all sides, they rushed closer and closer. The red pot screamed and shouted, "Kill!"
As soon as Red Pot and his puppet army returned to the East from Black and White Island, they heard about the transformation. It wanted to kill Wen Leyang, the raccoon dog, Hiderigami, the cone, the sword fairy of Black and White Island, Liu Zheng, and the three-flavored body man …
The enemies have all gone to 100 thousand mountains, and of course it will go, but the cone and others entered the mountain from the west, and it and the puppet hand entered the mountain from the east
The red pot came later than the raccoon dog and others, but it took several days to enter the mountain. I wanted to wait for the raccoon dog to enter the mountain and find a chance to attack and kill it. Toad never dreamed that the enemy had not come yet and the monsters had come …
The team led by the raccoon dog and the cone is fighting with the monster; Red pot ruled over thousands of demon puppets and fell into the monster; The five elements monsters and the descendants of the pyramid are waiting for the moment of transformation and robbery; The real master savage man in 100,000 mountains didn’t fall because of the chaos in this mountain, but he didn’t show up.
At the moment, the monsters have been divided into two parts in they nest, and they are rushing around Shan Ye to smell the smell of outsiders and bloodthirsty; And the other way continues to converge into a killing tide, which is constantly rushing towards the realm!
There are more and more monsters in the realm. Since the export has fallen and fallen, its monks have also been slaughtered. Up to now, the only place that is still safe is the camp where Sejong and Qi Liandi are located.
In the past few days, Wen Leyang and Mao Mao have hardly taken a break, and they have been going back and forth around the camp and the realm trying to bring back some lucky people. There are still some effects. Every time they go out for three or four hours, they can bring back 300 people. In addition, they have found a few concise Dan medicines or refining utensils. Although the ruined shop has collapsed, the refined baby is still there. Although the effectiveness is not magical, it is also good news for the monks who are in trouble.
But from the next night, they gained less and less, and each time they brought back people, their injuries became less and more serious.
I don’t know when I am in the realm of heaven, but I have lost my original share of Zhan Zhan Qing. It gradually becomes dim and turbid, and the night and day are not so obvious. From time to time, there will be one or two ethereal gods singing faintly but without mercy.
Everyone didn’t notice it, but it was the fourth day that the gnome old road first discovered the abnormality and found Tumi low, discussing that two people turned pale and scared!
Not long after, Wen Leyang and Mao Mao came back. This time, they brought back three people. Mao Mao’s face was so ugly that it was almost a monster outside. There was no living person except them in Fiona Fang Baili.
Now there are more than 3 thousand people gathered in the camp, more than half of them are injured, and 10% of them are dying
As soon as the dwarf saw them coming back, he immediately greeted them with a solemn face and looked at Mao Mao. "I’m afraid Wen Leyang is in trouble!" It is not difficult to guess what will happen in the realm of transformation even if you don’t know the design of Kong crossbow.
Wenleyang was surprised by the word robbery. It’s not the first time he heard that he was trying to ask a few more questions carefully. Suddenly, Mao Mao rectification around him gave a piercing criticism. "I can’t hide!" These dogs are grimacing! "
The words sound just fell and a piece of Xu Fangyuan’s earth and stone hung with sharp broken pieces from a distance and turned all the way towards their camp to be smashed and arranged around the camp. With the launch of several huge vines, it turned into a raging god, and the whip was smashed in a series of loud noises. A huge boulder was smashed and smashed!
In the past few days, the monks who were rescued by Wen Leyang and Mao Mao went back to the camp. They all looked pale and moved. They all turned over and jumped up and rushed to raise their magic weapons. On the other hand, Sejong and Qilian brothers were more calm and didn’t jump up in a hurry. Instead, they put their injured brothers on their backs or tied their ropes tightly. There was a little Sejong girl who was Tumi’s confidant and carried her back without saying anything. Tumi’s fat little girl looked like a peacock screen from a distance.
Two door brothers quickly took their companions, and some people were still laughing. "I’ll turn around and run when the monster comes, and you’ll block it."
Fixed in the companion’s life story or Qilian’s brother smiled and replied, "Well, you can run away, too, always holding your sword on your back to see how you kill monsters!"
The monks in the group were all flushed and rushed to help the injured.
At the end of the line of sight, the layers of earth dragons exploded, and finally they became shadowy and rushed to the first monster. The height was more than ten feet. The dark purple body was stone-like hard muscle, and the one-horned head was always red and dazzling. After a period of Mercedes-Benz, he leaned over and uncovered a huge ground, screaming and screaming, and smashed it to Macau again.
Behind it, the monster is dark as if the reflection of dark clouds is endless!
For the second time, Changteng smashed the monster and threw it at him. Although the monk in the boulder camp was unscathed, despair and panic rose in the eyes of most people. When Wen Leyang was at a loss, he suddenly denounced the monster in the distance, leaning down and not being brawny. His arms and muscles were knotted, and he slammed the ground in front of him. Wow, the earth and stone cracked. A piece of ground of the same size was also lifted, danced and thrown by Wen Leyang!
The one-horned monster looked furious, but his eyes were full of disdain, and he ran hard with a deep monster army. When the boulder was overwhelming, the boulder was smashed with a slap in the face, and it followed the face of the sky. Unexpectedly, it was full of fighting spirit and arrogance, and it just turned into a hysterical scream! A touch of black and white tangled gray color instantly swallowed up its red unicorn …
The scattered earth and stone are roaring, and monsters who want to wipe even a small dust will suddenly fall to the ground and die in a flash!
Xiao Mao waved to the monks in the camp. "Run east and we will follow!"
East is the exit direction of Huajing.
Everyone was slightly stunned, like a thousand ghosts crying together, and all the animals wailed like witches singing and roaring, but they couldn’t hide the sound of Mao. "The reinforcements didn’t see that the camp was discovered, and there were countless monsters in the realm. Although it is nonsense, I still want to ask everyone, do you want to die or live?"
The gnome replied with a squint, "Of course I want to live!"
Mao Mao laughed. "If you want to live, go to the way. Even if you die, you will die in the way!"
When the sky cracked, it roared and screamed, but in the middle of it, it turned into a cascade of laughter. The gnome old road waved his hand at others and roared like thunder. "If you go with Master Tao, you will die in this way!"
Thousands of monks came crashing and promised to take the first step. At the same time, they screamed and turned around and slammed the magic weapon in their hands, the flying sword in their backs, and the symbols in their arms to hit the monster that was getting closer and closer! Thousands of magical powers gathered in a half-mile into a stunning eye, which was so fierce that it collapsed and broke into the monster torrent …
Screams, blood, scales, broken horns, and broken wings were splashed by a group of monks. Only then did they burst into laughter, turned around, and stepped forward in the direction of no one being a dead end or a way out!
A wild strong wind swept past Mao Mao’s correction, and the whole body was full of life and death. Wen Leyang plunged into the monster torrent like a sharp sword, and there were screams in the place where he passed. If Wen Leyang passed by, the strong monster was like being kicked over by an elephant, and the mud doll was flying around in a mess. Looking from afar, Wen Leyang was like a sickle that shuttled freely through the wheat sword. In addition to slanting, it was the first strange poison, the first hard body and the first strange wrong fist!
Hundreds of fires fell. This time, instead of flying, they gathered into a enchanting and chilly huge pillar behind Mao rectification. At this moment, the fire has also issued a crackling burning. Mao rectification bent down and crouched with his eyes as red as blood, staring at the monsters as they rushed closer and closer, and gave out a dull and extremely long cry.
Finally, after a moment, there was a huge noise between heaven and earth. Behind him, the pillar of fire was smashed, and in front of him, several cracks suddenly appeared on the ground, which seemed to be alive. In general, it should spread to monsters in the snapped fracture!
Wen Leyang rushed back, wrapped in a foul plasma, before he could say hello. The two brothers took care of each other and laughed, and they no longer turned around to catch up with the big party.
Monsters have already become violent and crazy, and their footsteps are constantly charging. But when they run into the cracked land, they suddenly feel a burst of intense pain, and then they are horrified to find that the cracks that spread on the ground have spread to themselves.
Soon they were surprised and their eyes were covered with cracks … and then they were smashed like porcelain dolls.
A large group of monsters finally went haywire, but only for ten minutes. There were so many of them that their companions used up all the enemy’s spells. Even if Wen Leyang and Mao Mao Jiao, the two best extension brothers, joined hands, it was impossible to completely stop or defeat this monster, but it was just a hindrance to make room for the monks to escape.
But this monster is only nine Niu Yi hairs compared with the total number of monsters running around in the realm now …
Since the moment we left the camp, the monks have no chance to breathe. The only good thing is that although the monsters in the realm are cruel and bloodthirsty, they are not as talented as the monsters outside, and they deliberately look for monks. They rush in and find the living in droves, and there is no real encirclement.
But even so, bring up the rear, two extremely good players, Wen Leyang and Xiao Mao Correction, will still be rushed into the team by monsters from time to time. Once, the end of their team was swallowed up by a large group of monsters. All the monks who were caught in the uneven lines almost did not hesitate to launch all kinds of crash and burn, but they died in the way.
Monsters can never be killed in front of them. There are no more evil beasts everywhere. Sending agents out is to deliver meals. Everyone firmly stands on the exit direction. Every section of the road goes slowly and laboriously, but everyone has never moved. They are walking in a … way!
Chapter DiYiYi Kill figurines
The situation in 100,000 mountains is much better than that in the realm. Although the monsters are more violent and have a purpose to kill, there are many top experts in leading the team. There are many second-line experts at this level, such as the backbone of Five Blessingg, and there are more ordinary experts. And before entering the mountain, they are fully prepared. The quality of several bring up the rear gate brothers is much better than that of Uzbekistan in the realm.
Great Mercy Temple, Kunlun Road, Goose Sheep Road and some small but well-trained ordinary sects have all launched the array law to advance and retreat, covering each other’s progress. Although it is also a bloody war, the speed is even slower, but it can still be supported for a while.
The two silly uncles, Mu Mu and the corpse are responsible for protecting the water mirror regardless of anything, and everyone guides the way to the destination deep in the mountains.
Several monsters are dead, and several monsters are surrounded, flying in the sky and hiding in the ground. No more are rushing in, like bison with a red ass!
The monks’ magic weapons, spells and magical powers never stopped pouring.
The raccoon dog, the cone, Hiderigami, Liu Zheng and Sanwei take turns to array, and eventually there is an extremely superior leader in front, leading Kelly, and others are scattered in the big group, where there will be overwhelming magical powers when it is tight.
At the moment, the leader is Li Wei. Her face has long since lost her anger and turned into that interesting smile. She is carrying her Versace high-heeled shoes with bare and white feet, as if the heart girl was skipping at the front of the team during a spring outing.
At her side, layers of black demon blades suddenly appear and appear, sometimes gently, as if the soft wind is strong in spring, as if the sea set off a mountain of waves, leaving a muddy road paved with monster pus and blood behind her!
Now, the monsters’ offensive is a little slow, and some of them do everything with the raccoon dog to watch her slaughter the monsters themselves, but they don’t smile and say, "You’re dirty with less blood."
While carefully searching for the remaining pure land from the blood swamp, the raccoon replied, "I can’t let them die!" "
The cat demon’s relaxed and happy tone is no different from her smile when fishing.
The cone gave her a white eye and changed the topic "The gongs and drums are very strange. If you can’t break the monsters, you won’t be scattered."
The raccoon dog shook his head. "Let’s talk about it in the right place first. It’s all Kong Waner’s hands. They must get together and meet and rush over and kill Bai."
The water mirror search technique found a total of three places where the monks were hiding. They were heading for the nearest place, but even if they were close to the place, they were allowed to walk for three days.
Tired of watching monsters, the raccoon dog looked down and studied himself barefoot. Mimi seemed to be satisfied with her feet. She said to the cone, "Why don’t you take off your shoes?"