Accord who led the two armor generals gradually came to the ambush.

LeiXuan suddenly a drink "back"
He ran far away in a flash.
Accord who don’t understand, but also strive to force each other to attack after a flash from far away.
At the command of Lei Min, countless laser projections suddenly hit the two armor generals at the same time.
Although General Armor is very strong, they also consumed a lot in the battle with Accord Guards. They can resist this sudden laser projection and retreat desperately.
But how can accord guard let them succeed? At this moment, he just understood the real meaning of letting the army retreat.
This dense laser gun shadow really consumed a lot of strength of the two armored generals.
After the laser gun stopped shooting, Accord Wei and Leixuan immediately killed again, which easily solved the battle.
As soon as the battle was over, the Accord guards withdrew their armor and breathed a long sigh of relief.
Leixuan came out from the mecha after a butt sitting on the ground panting.
But he was very excited because he had never been so carefree as he is today.
Both of them consumed a lot in this war.
But in this world war I, they wiped out those enemies who came after them from a long distance and killed three armor generals and a mecha.
It can be said that Accord County has a bad breath.
Accord guard looked at Lei Xuan and asked, "You called my uncle a mecha. You must be Lei Xuan?"
Leixuan nodded proudly, "Yes, I am Leixuan."
Accord Wei Dao: "I didn’t expect you to be so powerful that I’m afraid the so-called first feather of the mecha is so much."
Lei Xuanshi sincerely said, "I haven’t played with Yu and I haven’t fought with Yang. I don’t know who is better."
Accord who listened to Lei Xuan’s naive answer and couldn’t help laughing. He affirmed that "this World War I proves that you are the first soldier of the mecha."
Leixuan jumped to his heart and handed over to the Accord Guard. "Thank you for your compliment."
In fact, this World War I was not a famous battle between Lei Xuan and Accord Wei Leimin. After they successfully converged in one place, bring up the rear Leimin, the armored general of Accord Wei, had the courage to explore the West.
Accord Wei became the commander-in-chief of the expedition to the west, Lei Min became the general staff, and Lei Xuan became the first pioneer.
Judging the situation in Leimin, the joint forces of Leixian and Accord continued to expand their territory westward.
Lei Xuan is invincible. One of the mecha he meets is his opponent.
But what made him famous was that he and Accord Wei jointly defeated the 16th richest general among the generals.
After the first world war, no one dares to underestimate this Coalition. Everyone knows that this Coalition relies not only on the Accord, but also on a super-terrorist mecha.
However, people are afraid of famous pigs and strong allied forces, and since then they have been strongly blocked by the enemy.
Lei Minhao gave up his plan to continue westward, from attacking to defending.
The general trend of the day has entered an anxious battle.
Not only the tree county is watching Leiyuan personally lead the Leijun army, but also slow down the attack speed while playing and watching.
The Central Committee sent people to Shujun for many times to let Shusheng send troops to attack Leijun.
Shusheng is very ambiguous. He doesn’t say that he won’t fight, and he doesn’t say that he won’t fight. Every time the messenger from the Central County comes, he treats him warmly.
Although Yang is the first armor general of Terran, that is to say that he is fighting alone. Since his army entered the western hemisphere, it has been obvious that some soil and water have not attacked and the speed has slowed down a lot.
Moreover, General Dong and General Ling built up a very powerful coalition with the prestige established by the two counties in the southwest hemisphere for many years.
If the epicenter is going to fight to the death, it will be a miserable victory if it is afraid of winning. Then it will be cheap in the end, either the tree family or the thunder family.
The tree county where it is located has not fought with Leijun County. The central county is afraid to fight with the east county.
The situation is anxious.
Leixian County is close to a sea, and people in Leixian County call it Leihai.
Because there is a minefield in this sea area, the clouds are not scattered all year round, and there are thunderstorms.
A petite figure sitting cross-legged on the sea is like a drop in the ocean that will never sink to the bottom of the sea.
Like a silver snake, it flashed in the sea and scattered along the sea, but a large part of it flashed along a track to the surface of the sea, where Lei Sheng was practicing, and then was absorbed by his body and ran into the abdomen along the meridians.
As another stream was refined by him, Leisheng suddenly opened his eyes and the fine mans flashed in his eyes, and he showed a smile.
Chapter 22 Xia Gang Mountain
Lei Sheng has been practicing in this thunder pool for more than two years.
According to his guess, his practice road should be very smooth. After all, he has past life experience.
But the fact is not what he thinks, because after rebirth, not only his body and bones have been perfectly transformed, but his meridians and abdomen have also been greatly different
The meridians are tougher and wider, and the abdomen is more solid, but the blocking force of the corresponding acupoints is stronger.
His breakthrough to the later stage of Jing Jing went smoothly, because those acupoints were easy to break through, and the former Dragon Emperor of Longshan made a 70% effort to bombard him with a force wave.
And this Libo was absorbed by him because of the magic gold bracelet, which helped him get through a lot of acupuncture points.
However, it is not so easy to make progress after the later stage of the realm. It is also in the desert that Leisheng is rich in fire elements and will break through to the peak of the realm.
But after that, it is even more difficult to break through to the gas phase.