Meng is still curious to open the jade box.

When the jade box was opened, the whole room was covered with a strange fragrance of magnolia, which made everyone feel refreshed and refreshed, and everyone could not help but practice inhaling.
There are petals of orchids lying quietly in the jade box, trembling slightly, and the snow is white and pure, giving people a sense of lofty dust.
"The name of this thing is Xianlan, which is a fairy herb. It is very soft and mellow. It is easy to be absorbed by an herb, but it takes a long time. Its function is to fix the body and expel impurities, which is enough to make up for your slow cultivation speed. The drug effect can last until you practice 70 degrees."
This herb was given to Oscar by Tang San in the original work, so that Oscar’s food soulmate can always maintain a very fast cultivation speed, but now that this herb is in his hand, Oscar is naturally blessed.
Meng still can’t compare with Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing. Her martial spirit is worse than their practice speed. But with this fairy grass, Zhao Gen won’t worry about her practice speed before the soul saint.
And maybe Meng still has some changes in the quality of Wu Soul. After all, after Ning Rongrong got Xiancao, Wu Soul evolved. Meng still has a poor Wu Soul, and maybe it can really improve.
Listening to Zhao’s description, everyone was surprised.
"I can’t keep this fairy grass for yourself, can I?" Meng still lifted the lid and handed the herb to Zhao, who is so good in her heart that this fairy grass is more suitable for him.
"You take it. I’ve already eaten the fairy grass. This fairy grass is good for me. Eating too much will be harmful." Zhao Yixiao "Now you are all me and I don’t lose."
Listening to Zhao Hua, Meng still turned red and took the jade box and stopped pushing it.
Chapter 59 Acacia heartbroken red
Several women looked at each other and their eyes were eager. Ning Rongrong’s beautiful eyes looked at Zhao Jiao and said with a smile, "Zhao, don’t be biased."
"Don’t worry, I have always been exposed to rain and dew. This is for you." Zhao took out a fairy grass from the soul guide.
This is a strange fairy grass. The roots and leaves are all finely combed with vines, but the top is a golden tulip. The rich aroma gives people a magnificent feeling.
"The name of this thing is Kirara Tulip, which can absorb the essence of heaven and earth, the brilliance of the sun and the moon. Your Qibao glass tower belongs to the treasure class. With the help of this Kirara Tulip, you can achieve complementary effects. With this Xiancao, I think you will."
Ning Rongrong took the tulip from Kirara and kissed it in Zhao’s face.
"Hee hee Zhao, that’s very kind of you"
Meng still and Ning Rongrong got Xiancao, and Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing were left in the room.
It is an ordinary white flower. The flower is palm-sized and shaped like a peony, but the leaves are surprisingly red and bright as blood, which gives people a thrilling feeling.
"This grass is called Acacia heartbroken red, which is a treasure among fairy herbs. It also tells a story. A long time ago, there was a young man who cried at flowers day and night, and his heart was broken. Acacia heartbroken and he died. You see that deep red blood stain is the young man’s painstaking efforts."
"When picking flowers, you must think about your beloved lover’s sincerity, spit out one mouthful blood and sprinkle it on the petals. If you are a little half-hearted, even if you vomit blood and die, you will never pick the flowers, and you will never wither by this master."
Zhao Xi said that the story behind this lovesickness heartbroken red is whether it is a small dance or Zhu Zhuqing or whether Meng still has obtained the fairy grass and Ning Rongrong are obsessed. Looking at this fairy grass, there are some divine flashes in his eyes.
"Acacia heartbroken red and beautiful fairy grass" Meng still muttered and looked at this fairy grass, which was a bit stupid.
"Zhao, can I exchange gifts? I also want this fairy grass. "Ning Rongrong pouted and looked at Acacia heartbroken. She couldn’t help but say that Acacia heartbroken red represents a feeling and she naturally wants it.
"I give you this plant of Xiancao, which is the best for you. Maybe if you absorb this plant of Xiancao, you can evolve Qibao Glass Tower into Nine Treasures Glass Tower." Zhao Yixiao.
"It’s not that easy." Ning Rongrong’s beautiful eyes looked at Zhao, and she also knew that it was best to be suitable for herself, so she didn’t say anything more. She didn’t care about its efficacy for lovesickness heartbroken red, because only lovers could pick it. Being able to get it meant that her feelings for Zhao were pure and free of impurities.
How good would that be?
Everyone wants to prove himself like this in front of his lover.
"I’ll do it," Zhu Zhuqing said softly.
Zhao has long been in her heart, and if she can pick flowers successfully, she can prove it.
Thinking of Zhu Zhuqing walked towards the lovesickness heartbroken ahead.
"No, this fairy grass must belong to me." Xiaowu grabbed Zhu Zhuqing and pleaded, "Zhu Qing, just give me this fairy grass. I beg you."
Acacia heartbroken red is such a beautiful herb that I am crazy when I look at her.
And acacia heartbroken red can also test her feelings for Zhao without impurities.
In her heart, Zhao is the only one for her.
"Little Dance" Zhu Zhuqing looked at the little dance with some difficulty.
"Zhu Qing, let me have it, and I will fight for it this time." The little dance eyes looked up at Zhu Zhuqing with a hint of firmness in her tone.
"Well," Zhu Zhuqing’s firm expression on Xiaowu, though somewhat reluctant in his heart, still regressed. Xiaowu was the first person to know Zhao. They were just latecomers, but they couldn’t have been with Zhao if Xiaowu had not accepted them. Now Xiaowu has made this request. What else can she say?
"Okay, okay, I know you all love me. You don’t have to do this. It’s just a fairy grass." Zhao Brilliant smiled and looked at them vying for him to pick lovesickness and heartbroken red, with a little warmth in his heart.
He naturally knew that their feelings for him were pure.
After all, he and Zhu Qinglian did that step.
And Xiao Wu are also Xiao Wu, and now they are pregnant with him.
"Well," listen to the Zhao dialect, and all the women will stop fighting for it, but their eyes are still focused on the little dance and lovesickness.
The little dance slowly approached the moving and bloody peony acacia in front of her, and the little red hand gently stroked its petals, and her eyes were full of softness.
"Zhao, I love you"
Small dance eyes raised and closely watched Zhao as if Zhao was the only one in the world.
The movement of body and soul urges the little dance of qi and blood, and the lips gently open a mouthful of blood and spit on the petals.
Watching the lovesickness heartbroken, the red leaves the black stone and falls into the hands of Xiaowu Xianyu.
Zhu Zhuqing some blurred in their beautiful eyes looking at the little dance.
They just saw clearly that Xiao Wu’s eyes never left Zhao for a moment when she sprayed blood on her mouth. The gentle eyes that focused on them made them feel a little shocked.
Xiao Wu’s eyes are so pure when he looks at Zhao. Xiao Wu just spoke to Zhao, but also from the heart. Xiao Wu’s feelings for Zhao are absolutely the purest, sincere and flawless.
And that acacia heartbroken red has become the best witness.
"Zhao, is the story you just told true?" Small dance beautiful eyes looked up at Zhao with a sweet smile.
"Of course it’s true." Zhao smiled and held the little dance in his arms.
Although he knows that Xiaowu loves him very much, he can’t help but feel a little touched by his heart when he sees Xiaowu holding acacia heartbroken red in his hand. Xiaowu is really good.
Xiao Wu has a person in his heart.
So thinking about Zhao directly kissing Xiaowu in the past, Xiaowu still has some bloody taste in his mouth because he just vomited blood, but Zhao was unawares.
Nye is holding the little dance and her body is very strong as if to rub her into her side.
Feeling the gentle dance of Zhao also responded fiercely.
The whole portrait is like a clawed fish, locked in his waist.
Nye kissed for a long time before slowly letting go of the little dance.