"Depend, there is such an organ!" Jiuzhong touched his earlobe and thought for a moment, then said, "Forget it, we can’t startle him yet!" "

"Then I will go to Donglai Temple and Randeng Temple to patronize ~!" After that, Jiuzhong entered the "fast" state of Xiaohe and left. Net
"Hey … hey!" Ten golden retrievers shouted twice and didn’t see Jiuzhong’s response, knowing that Jiuzhong had already left. "Your boy ran really fast, and I forgot to tell you … Randeng Temple can’t trespass!"
It took several hours to come, so I don’t need to bother now. Jiuzhong has already written down the specific coordinates of Donglai Temple and Randeng Temple, and directly started the fixed-point transmission function of the transmission ring, and a teleport passed.
For Randeng Temple, it looks very shabby, and Jiuzhong is not very interested in it. But Donglai Temple is different. The whole temple exudes a kind of luxury and a kind of fragrance of money, which is undoubtedly fatal to Jiuzhong, so Jiuzhong’s first goal is to lock Donglai Temple.
A teleport appeared directly outside Donglai Temple. Nine eyes looked at Donglai Temple and couldn’t help licking his lips. "Hey, hey, hey, when Lingshan is broken, the whole Donglai Temple will be full of Lao Tzu drops ~!"
After thinking for a while, Jiuchong cleared up his mood and walked into Donglai Temple.
Although this task is only to spy on the actual situation of Lingshan, Jiuzhong will certainly not go back after completing the established task.
After some spying, Jiuzhong has made a rough estimate of the strength of Buddhism, which is absolutely only above the heaven, not under it. Even if heaven and his human strength jointly attack, it is not necessarily possible to get anything cheap.
This is definitely not what he wants to see. He has forged a dead issue with Buddhism, which is absolutely endless. If Buddhism does not die, in case the forces opposed to him in Huaxia, such as the prince, have the opportunity to get the support behind Buddhism, and the two sides collude, which is absolutely endless for him, so this time it is necessary to kill Buddhism.
Now, the strength of heaven and the human forces led by him is basically fixed, and there will be no substantial growth in the short term. If you want to increase the chances of Buddhist crusade, you can only weaken the fighting capacity of Buddhism.
If you want to weaken the fighting capacity of Buddhism, the most direct way is to slaughter the Buddha Lohan of Buddhism directly, but at present it is not a good time, it will only startle the Buddhism and make it alert.
But this can’t beat Jiuzhong. Jiuzhong has already had a dispute. He can’t kill people openly. It’s ok to steal two treasures secretly. If you can steal all the treasures of the three powerful Buddhists, the Buddha who burned the lamp and the Buddha who came from the east, it will definitely be a great loss to the fighting capacity of Buddhism.
After all, in this game world, the peak combat power has irreplaceable influence on the overall combat power of one camp, just like his influence on the hell and even the whole holy alliance.
Lingshan has a vast territory, and it seems endless. A Donglai Temple is like a five-level city. There is no detailed map of Donglai Temple on the map of Lingshan, and Jiuzhong has returned to a state of being completely blind. He only knows that Maitreya’s palace must be in this Donglai Temple, but he knows nothing about it.
"Well, you have to grab a tongue!" Jiuzhong wandered around to the sparsely populated fart essence place in Donglai Temple, narrowed into the dark and waited for the opportunity.
Time was short, and a small group of patrolling monks passed by the dark alley where Jiuzhong was located. Some people in the team were in urgent need of urination and wanted to relieve themselves. Other monks felt a little impulsive when they heard it, so they organized a group to enter the dark alley, lined up and began to relieve themselves.
Nine heavy a look at the opportunity came, word, first in the alley mouth calls out the door of vanity, blocking the way of these monks, and then lightning movement to the back of a monk in the innermost dark alley, one arm round, arm around the monk’s waist, start speed, toward the door of vanity is rushed past.
Jiuchong’s raid was too sudden, waiting for a dozen monks to react, and his body was out of balance. Uncontrolled by Jiuzhong, it was like escorting a train, and all of it was promoted to eighteen layers of hell.
Nine heavy followed also entered the eighteen layers of hell, backhand is a ring, closed the door of vanity, shooting turtles in a jar.
"Who … ahhh! !” These monks were suddenly taken captive to a strange environment, and they were clamoring to find the perpetrators, but almost in no particular order, they were recruited by other monks and then hit by a series of blows. Suddenly, the shouts of these monks turned into screams.
After a scream, the clouds cleared away, and Jiuzhong stopped attacking, revealing his true self. When he looked at the monks who had been taken captive, all of them became pig heads.
Give these monks a scare first, and then Jiuzhong did the same thing, using his own cruel means, and got the information he wanted from them in less than five minutes.
After getting the information, Jiuchong wanted to think, instead of uprooting all these monks like those in the Lohan Hall, everyone fed them a poisonous method and turned them all into a method of animal Lohan.
Jiuzhong has accumulated a lot of poisonous methods now. Although these monks are grabbing a lot of goods here in Lingshan, they can still be regarded as outstanding god-level combat power when they are put on earth.
After taking care of these monks, Jiuzhong left the eighteen layers of hell and went back outside. According to the information in his hand, he easily found the palace of Maitreya.
The monks patrolling outside Maitreya’s palace are even more numerous, and the Maitreya Palace is packed with guards, but this is simply useless to Jiuzhong, who swaggered into Maitreya Palace directly from the main entrance.
Entering the Maitreya Palace, Jiuchong found the main hall, which is where the monks who were captured by him said Maitreya would go to bed.
When I entered the main hall, I found that Maitreya Buddha was not there. Only two young monks were lying on the bedside in the temple, sleeping soundly. The nine-fold heart said it was just right. Let’s turn over your main hall first and take a chance!
At present, Jiuzhong began a carpet search for the main hall of Maitreya Palace.
Half an hour later, Jiuzhong emerged from the secret room behind a Buddha statue. "By … I got a lot of panacea and ofuda skill books, but how come there is no dry bag?"? !”
On second thought, Jiuchong was relieved again. "I’d like to carry it with me, as a housekeeping treasure like Gankun Bag! Presumably, this dry Kun bag should be taken with Maitreya! "
Making up his mind, Jiuzhong narrowed his eyes in a corner of the main hall, waiting for Maitreya to come back.
In two hours, Jiuzhong had already taken a nap, and was about to take a second nap when a loud shout rang out outside the temple, "The Buddha returned to the palace! !”
This cry woke up two laughing monks at the bedside, and the two young monks hurried out of the temple to meet Maitreya.
Time was short, and with the help of two young monks, a short and fat monk with a size as good as Pig Bajie came in from outside the temple.
"I’ve been waiting for my cucumber dishes to get cold, so I’m finally dead!" Nine heavy drowsiness, eyes fiercely open, two naked into the Maitreya Buddha in the temple, waiting for an opportunity.
"It will take half a day to have a meeting. I am really exhausted!" Maitreya came to the bed with the help of two young monks, and sat down, feeling that the whole palace was trembling, as if it had been squeezed short.
"This time, my old man can make up a good sleep and sleep with him!" Maitreya took off his clothes, stripped off all the loose clothes and bits and pieces of his body, and lay in bed like a mountain of meat with bare arms. "Don’t call me until my old man wakes up!" Then I closed my eyes and went to sleep. Five minutes later, the shouts of thunder echoed in the whole Donglai Palace.
Two young monks, each with a big fan, slowly caught a cold for Maitreya and enjoyed it.
"Depend, sleep fast enough, it is estimated that the pig is at this speed!" Although Maitreya fell asleep soon, Jiuzhong didn’t take immediate action to be on the safe side, and sat patiently for half an hour, until the young monks who fanned Maitreya began to fan with their eyes closed, which turned out from the corner.
"Let Lao tze see, dry bag ah dry bag, where the hell are you? !” Rubbing hands and feet came to the table where Maitreya put things behind the two young monks and began to rummage.
"This is not … this is not … this is not!" Nine heavy things turned over on the table, also didn’t find the dry bag, "by … why not? ! It shouldn’t be! Did I not look carefully enough? !”
Suspecting that he had missed something, Jiuzhong rummaged through it again, but there was still no sign of Gankun bag.